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My Calling with the Prophets part I


So today I took a walk through the Bible to try and answer a few questions for me. I have been wondering today about God and callings. How do I know If I’m called and all the stuff that goes with that. I mean if I could have a calling those of the prophets, you and I talk then heck yeah… That would really rock then… But I kind of don’t have it.

So my first stop was with Isaiah 6

My call here takes place in a quiet temple, I’m kind of praying or doing whatever one does here. When suddenly things change, I get see seraphs which I guess is kind of cool, if not awing. Am I a man of unclean lips. “I am a man of unclean lips.” I say Of course I think so, Isaiah. But I have to wonder how do I get my lips unclean? Is prayer enough, it doesn’t seem that it was for Isaiah (was sacrifice enough for him?)

And I have to wonder as I’ll be wondering with this whole calling thing. How to deal with what I read and my call as a pastor (maybe?) If I preach with these dirty lips does then the message I give become tainted. If I’m unclean are my peers or just some of them? I look up and see an angel with a burning coal in his (hers, its O.o) hands and I ponder do I need angelical absolution (As Hannah put it O.O) How do I purify myself in this age? So I ask God what I’m thinking. “God make me pure an right before you, and then show me your will.” coal on my lips, that kind of hurts.

Then God says. “Whom can I send.” I suppose i should shout “Hey here I am send me.” Is that a smart move. . .? Here I am; send me. . . Now I have to accept that I can do that, Lord I hope so. So I do say the magical lines of Send me, and so me and God we’re pals now. What? I feel like I sought him and he gave me the calling, and my message so to speak right? “Here I am.” I say.

“Good.” God answers. “Now tell people that they’re dumb and I’ll make a bit dumber.”
“Won’t they hate that?” I answerer.
“Yes, but they’re in need of it, I promise.” Then I begin to ponder another question, I figure get the most stuff answered here and the few I have at the other prophets. “How Long?” I ask, can I really ask that? Well since Isiah did, you know the “How long my LORD?” I need to be bold, but how bold can I be before Yahweh?

“Matt.” He, I’m pretty sure its Jesus at the moment. Looks at me with a slight frown. “How long do you think?
“A long time. . .” I answered hesitantly.
“It’ll be okay.” He kind of pats me tenderly. “But yeah, y’know retirement’s not in the plan.”
“No Clean answer?”

“How would life be fun if you knew?”
“No clear answers yet?”
“You’re just on part one, keep going…”


– Le Bel Inconnu


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