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My Precious Little Star


For some reason I felt like writing poetry tonight, and here’s what came out.  You might enjoy it, who knows.

My Precious Little Star

O my starry heavens filled with light,
Where is my wish this night?
I’ll choose one star for my own,
And when I name you I’ll hold onto you.
For then you’ll be mine and mine alone,
Then I may have my one and only wish this night?

I am seeking my star again in this light,
but I cannot find her no not this time.
So if you run into my precious little star,
Tell her that I said hi and I miss her in the sky.
But if my star has no need of me at night,
Then perhaps she and I must find others at twilight.

O my starry heavens filled with light,
How are you tonight?
Surely you must be as cheerless as I,
For your most precious star has died.
But you have all those other stars in your sky,
But down here below, I am alone.

– Le Bel Inconnu


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  1. Cute, Matt! Shekinah inspire you…

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