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A Short Story


I found this random short story that I had written in the summer at some point and decided that I hadn’t really placed anything on the blog for a week why not this? It was influenced by a game called Langrisser and the opening sequence might seem almost like it. I’m pretty sure it might be a little confusing, but Hey that’ll just be half of the fun. I just hope it won’t be too much so. But well anyways, here it is.

Awakened to Question

“Sieghart…?” Her voice echoed throughout the room.
“Mmmm…” He muttered in response. “Let me sleep…!”
“Wake up!” The voice became more intense, an order had been issued. Slowly he opened up one eye, then the other. Before him stood a young woman, she seemed slightly charming. Her hair was bright (though oddly) purple in color. Strange yellow eyes which gave a shine of their own blinked back at him. “So you’ve finally managed to open those green eyes of yours…”

“Who are you?” He asked. She blinked at him several times, her (and his) rhythmic breaths making the only noise. Then it seemed with a annoyed reluctance(though her voice was toneless) she answered him. “I am project number Lambda 052… But… Lorelei will do.” She paused for a moment letting it sink into his head. “Your project number is Sigma 066… But… Sieghart sounded… Better.”
“Sigma 066… Sieghart…” He repeated it several times in his head, trying to make sure that he would remember it. And then “Lambda 052… Lorelei…” He liked these names, they seemed familiar to him, but why?

“Why do you keep your sword’s tip at my neck?” She asked tonelessly. Sieghart looked down at his hands suddenly and saw them grasping the hilt of his sword tightly. “Wh… What… This sword…” Sieghart broke his glance away from the sword and looked up at her. “My body acted of its own will!”
“Do you intend to kill me?” Her words shocked him a little. He looked into her yellow eyes. “Either do so immediately, or move the sword away from my neck.”
Slowly he pulled his sword away and found himself frowning slightly. “Are you my enemy?” He asked the girl.

“No…” The answer was once more toneless from Lorelei.
“Then what are you?” Once more she was quiet for several seconds, her gaze fixed on him. She blinked several times, did blinking help her to think? “We…” she paused once more, was she unsure of her answer? “We’re siblings…”
“Siblings!?” Somehow that didn’t seem right to Sieghart, but then again nothing seemed right here.

“In a fashion…” She backed away from him slightly. “We’re from the same… Cellblock… created roughly at the same time.”
“Cellblock!? Created!?” What was that supposed to mean!?
“You’re lacking information… valuable information… Was it not hard coded?”
“Lorelei?” There was another span of silence in the room, as the young man stood confused, and the young woman entered into her thoughts yet again.
“Something’s off we must remember to tell our creator Freyr…” At last she answered. “We need to seek him anyhow.”
“Freyr?” Sieghart ran the name over several times in his head. “I’m uncertain…”

“As I have asserted all ready.” Lorelei backed away further an this time Sieghart could see much of where they were. He took a step out of his… pod, and looked around. The room if one could call it that, for it seemed to consume the whole building, was nothing but metal. But though he knew not why, Sieghart knew that this was not the way things so be. It was to the truest extend a room of metal and brightness.

As he looked around he saw other pods much like the one he had stepped out of. But they were all broken in some sort, doors were gone, some were blacken metal. Pieces of all sorts were missing from many others. How had his survived, and if he had, then Lorelei’s must had too right…? In the northern corner of the room, the wall looked as if it had been blown away from some enormous force. The edges of the tattered hole were the darken metal and sunlight came in unfiltered. Pieces of scrape metals appeared by it.

Sieghart turned his gaze back to Lorelei. He was so uncertain… uncertain of what was going on and what this place was. But then a rather shiny piece of metal caught his eyes and he shifted his gaze toward that. It acted as a rather good mirror. His eyes were indeed a green, a brilliant green. His hair was a just as brilliant a bright scarlet red, medium length and messy. One thing was for sure, he wouldn’t be lost in a crowd. But for that matter, nor would Lorelei. “We all have been made to look… special…” Lorelei explained. “Each of us have been created with certain intentions and looks.”

Intentions…?” Sieghart’s gaze finally reached her face once more. “The Creator…” Lorelei continued (Its no longer ours, but the)? “Is trying to create the perfect soldier, you and I are the results.” She pointed toward his sword, which had yet to be sheathed. “You were created for physical battle, your strength is better then most. So is your instincts, reflexes, endurance, and so on.” Lorelei then lifted up her left hand and her finger tips began to glow. On all ten little blue balls appear. They were bright and had enough energy to radiate heat on to Sieghart’s face.

“I was created for magical needs. My mind is expansive, I have more room to remember, I use my brain more, and I need no staff to cast my spells. Nor do I have to say the words aloud. But… I am weaker, my whole vessel is weaker.”
“So were we created for war…?” Sieghart dare to venture.
“For battles yes… But ultimately we are to serve the Creator whole heartily.”
“To serve creator and… master… Freyr.” Once more Sieghart repeated the name several times mentally.

“We should go… Something happened here… Something unpleasant…”
Lorelei started to walk toward one of the few exits in the room, though this one let sunlight in. For reasons unknown to Sieghart, he felt she knew where exactly to go. She paused and turned back to look at Sieghart, who happened to appear to be standing around aimlessly. “Are you coming?” she asked him. Sieghart looked up at her and she beckoned him. “Are you coming or not?” she had asked him once more. “We all need to reach the Creator.” He nodded softly and rushed up to here. “Where are we going from here?” he asked.

Sieghart nodded once more and they began to walk quietly toward the exit. As they moved closer they began to voices, that were far from hushed. The owners to them were hidden behind several of the pods which been broken and scattered. Lorelei moved in closer and without a word Sieghart moved in close beside her. The owners to the voices hadn’t heard them, so the conversation went along pleasantly. “… They’ve all been disabled, and destroyed.” Once voice reported. “Now all that’s left for this place is to completely destroy it.”
“We should hurry!” Another said. “I would prefer to get back home.”
“Have our wizard torch this place.” A voice of command said. “With the damaged you’ve all ready caused, finishing the job shouldn’t be too hard.”

Lorelei looked toward the exit and then back at Sieghart. He nodded and they began to move toward the exit. Just as they were about to reach the door a soldier stepped in front of the door. They came to a sudden stop and looked at the man who stood before them. Sieghart’s sword came out quickly and Lorelei ducked half behind him and she closed her eyes and her fingers began to glow. “Who are you two?” asked the man.

“You have no right to ask, he who trespasses on Creator Freyr’s Land!”
“Ah!” said he. “So you’re his creations then…” The soldier’s sword came out and in a quick instant his sword came crashing toward them. But it never touched them, for Sieghart’s sword had met his effortlessly. “Wh… What the!?” the man gasp. Sieghart looked up at the man, his eyes aglow.
“Leave here!” Sieghart ordered. “Or else face damnation!” He had changed, even if it was just slightly.

It was Sieghart, not the soldier who was in control. There was a vibe that seem to extend out of the very blade that Sieghart held that testified to the fact. Still the common grunt; the soldier refused to accept it and their blades slid apart. Then the two backed away slightly and then the two rushed forward once again. The blow was quick, and it was clean. Sieghart dodged the man’s attack and cut horizontally, his movement but a blur. The head slid off, followed by the body falling to the floor with a thud.

Sieghart looked at the body of the man, the man whom he had fell so easily. “We must hurry!” Lorelei ordered. Sieghart snapped to attention and quickly followed her out of the room. The two escaped the metal room and entered into the wilderness. Lorelei kept walking, silent as ever. Still no answers had been given to Sieghart, but how he wanted them…


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