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Short Story Part Duex


Here’s the second part of that whole one I did with Sieghart and Lorelei earlier Its not as confusing I think, but who knows I could be quite wrong… But anywho here you go.  O_O  Oh the formatting screwed up a bit so I totally have no italicized words that i kind of liked to do in my short story thingys…

Across the Chasm

They finally came to a stop a little ways away from a small river. The sounds of birds chirping as well as the flowing water eased Sieghart’s mind softly. Lorelei turned around and looked at Sieghart. Despite it being as emotionless as her voice, Sieghart could tell that in some way she was displeased. “You must keep up.” said the young woman. “I won’t hesitate to leave you behind if you hinder me.”
“Then why bother to even wake me?” Sieghart asked.
“You were in the process of it already when I passed you by.”

That had been an answer quiet and pointed. “I noted that you were a physical soldier type and felt that you might be of some use.”
“Oh…” Sieghart shifted his sheathed sword slightly. “Well I guess we had better get going.” With that they continued on in silence. Sieghart wasn’t sure about finding their creator, finding Freyr… But Lorelei seemed so sure of this task and so sure that she was going in the right direction. He was certain of her feelings on some level, despite her letting none show. Was he assuming too much? He dare not ask her anything and so they continued on in silence

They traveled along the river, which soon began to grow bigger. Soon the river had carved far down into the land and had become a canyon. No river could be seen anymore, but they continued heading toward where Lorelei had mentioned quickly. They soon came upon a rickety bridge stood. But like everything else that happen in these few hours the task was not to go unhindered. As they near the bridge they began to hear orders shouted in the distances. The enemy had arrived yet again, but in what direction? Lorelei looked toward the bridge and said softly. “We must cross this bridge, but the way they are coming will block us.”

“How do you know that?” Sieghart was quite amaze. “I can’t even begin to tell.”
“It’s due to the abilities that Creator Freyr had given me.” Sieghart pulled his sword out yet again and then faced the bridge. It happened to be right as a small squad of men beginning to come into view. “Those two are Freyr’s abominations, kill them!” The Commander ordered. Or at least Sieghart assumed it was the commander, due to his more elegant armor then the others.
“Sir?” asked a subordinate. “They’re freshly adults, they’re only kids!”
“These kids are not of Illatar, kill them.” The Commander’s words were firm. “The Federation ruled that Freyr and his creations are to be ended.”

“What’s this federation?” Sieghart asked Lorelei.
“It’s an organization that hopes to keep this land and others together… It’s much like Rune’s High Kingdom, but Rune opposes the federation, as does the Creator.”
“The High Kingdom…” Sieghart had little time to ponder of it though for the enemy was readying their attack. Whatever it was that fueled him, Sieghart just didn’t understand it. When the feeling of battle hit him, to put it simply he changed. Senses became more receptive, reflexes quicker, speed, and even strength all of it better. The sword which he held was no longer awkward and heavy. Instead in his hands it felt like an extension of himself that flowed easy and lightly.

As he rushed forward his speed was too slow, despite everything blurring around him. As he came near his various foes, his sword would meet some part of them. Only if they were lucky did the sword taste another of its kind. It was in these instances that suddenly the battle slowed up. But only for a second as swords would cross quickly and his foe would have fallen. Within seconds of Sieghart’s attack, two men lay dead, one permanently crippled, and another one handed. Sieghart eyes scanned the others that were left of the squad.

But Lorelei had begun here own attack, and for the first time a smile appeared on her face. A strange smile, but a smile nonetheless. From the center of cupped a ball of energy appeared. But it had soon evolved into a beam that hit the next set of would be attackers. A dozen were engulf in its intense power. When the beam had disappeared there were no men, not even bodies. Only ash remained as it floated into the air peacefully. She truly was a wizard, one without peers.

Her fingertips glowed bright blue. Everyone, even Sieghart paused and looked at her. This was inhuman; no one had that kind of power without a staff. Silence filled the air, save for her sparking fingertips. Of the men that were left of the squad they looked at the two and trembled. “What has he created?” The Commander asked dumbfounded. “Fight and die…” Sieghart said. “Run and live.” Even as the words left his moth he questioned what he was saying. Was he really this cruel, and ruthless? Lorelei was emotionless and thus cold, he did not want that.

“Remember they are our enemies.” Lorelei suddenly said.
“Men!” barked the Commander. “We must hold firm, there’s only two of them!” Sieghart and Lorelei had gotten up to halfway on the bridge so far. But what remained of the squad started to close in again. But more went wrong as they heard voices coming from another direction. As they turned around slowly they found that another squad of soldiers had appeared. “Sieghart my powers are limited…” Lorelei said softly. “I cannot defeat them all.”

“Nor can I…” Sieghart answered. “We’re far too few…”
“Push forward, I’ll deal with the ones in the back.” With that Lorelei closed her eyes and began to concentrate. No one and the two fronts moved for a few tense seconds. Sieghart took a deep breath and as he let it out someone shouted. “Attack!” and with that it happened all at once.

Sieghart attacked and killed the first few that attempted him. While Lorelei raised her right arm and brought down quickly. Sharp magical power came down and attacked the assailants on the other side. But the spell never hit them. Sieghart cocked his heat to see some sort of translucent barrier covering their foes. They too had some sort of wizard on their side. The opposing sides saw an opportunity and took it. They began to surge forward to finish this in one strike.

Things were beginning to look grim again… “Sieghart…” Lorelei said quietly. “Hold me…”
“What!?” he answered.
“I’m going to use up my energy by knocking this bridge out. In the confusion you should be able to scramble to the other side. Just remember you have superior speed and reflexes.” Lorelei explained.
“So you need me to transport you?”

With her last reserves Lorelei hands lifted up. She quickly shot two balls of energy. They swept passed the enemy bringing up dust and splinted pieces of wood. The enemy brought their arms up to block their faces, but the balls had passed. They crisscrossed at one point and did a loop in the air. Two poles on each side held up the bridge, they were hit on the one. Pieces of wood shattered into air, it would have been just as good as if there had never been any.

At the moment of impact Sieghart had grabbed a hold of Lorelei and had begun to run toward their wanted destination. The bridge wobbled and then creaked… But it gave way quickly. The various enemy soldiers began to slide off the bridge, and to their doom. Some tired to hold on, but they too failed. Sieghart had cleared most of the bridge in only a few seconds. But it was not enough. With a deep breath he leaped into the air. By sheer luck he grabbed a hold of the edge of the cliff, his fingers white with pressure.

The enemy found themselves dazed for a few seconds. So many men had just lost their lives. These two kids had just crippled two squads, just two kids. Sieghart struggled to keep hold with his hand. With his other arm he clutched Lorelei tightly. “Archers fire!” some officer shouted. “They must not escape here alive!” Of all the men to stay behind… it had been the archers. A volley filled the air, but there was little Sieghart could do. Arrows plunged into his back, but he spared Lorelei.

He gasped with pain but held firm. “Sieghart!” Lorelei shouted. Was that concern?
“I’m… I’m fine…” He struggled. “Run fast…” Then with his last ounce of strength he threw Lorelei over the edge. However, he lost his grip and fell. Lorelei rushed into the forest before the enemy gaze found her. They instead focused on Sieghart.

Lorelei stood silently behind a tree. She held her breath, lest she make a noise. “The girl went into the woods…” the officer said. “Send word for a new squad to fetch her. I’ll report to the General that the male has been killed.” At the sound of feet moving away, Lorelei took a needed breath of air. She walked over to the edge after she had made sure the men were away.

She peered over the edge of the cliff in hopes of seeing Sieghart. But the chasm was too far down for here to see anything. But her orders were to reach the masters, no matter the cost. If emotions were tempted to appear, there was no sign. She turned around to see a young woman petting the beak of a great hawk. Sieghart was on its back.


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