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I, Ezekiel: God Came Down


God Came Down

Things were bad, they couldn’t be any worse and yet it wasn’t like we didn’t deserve it. We exiled all right, not quite fully, just me and some of the others. Placed right near the Chebar canal… we were the lucky ones… Oh praise Yahweh… I would have preferred a normal life, but for whatever God unknown reason normal is the exact opposite of what I got. Have you ever been called by God? If so I’m praying for you, I know quite well what a call can do you. I, Ezekiel found that out well one evening in the land Babylon so far from my old home.

Yahweh God is a scary sight to behold, and even just his glory is indescribable. I tried to write it down in my memoirs but even as I read I become confused by whatever it is that I just tried to write. All I can tell you is that God came down and I, Ezekiel witnessed it all. I saw creatures which I can only say had to be the sons of God, you know those Angels that are always surrounding him. They were just as odd and hard unknowingly odd as his Shekinah. Just seeing his messengers and seeing his glory it became quite overwhelming. I did the only profitable thing a sinful guy like me could do, I fell flat in the dirt, I was practically eating it. I worshipped Yahweh…

Then Yahweh spoke: “Fleshling, up on your feet so that I can speak with you eye to eye.” I didn’t have much of a choice. One second I was on my face in the dirty, the next thing I know I had something entered me. Not only did I get forced on my feet, I’m pretty sure I hovered in the air for a little while. I think my God wanted me to have that whole fear him bit going on right there. At the very least, I, Ezekiel was paying full heed to the voice of my Lord YHWH.

So Yahweh continued:

“Fleshling, I have job for you, you see the people of Israel, your people, well they’re bums, and they constantly sin against me… Your fathers kept screwing up and even their descendants continue in this bad practice. It’s a little annoying. But, I’m sending you too them Fleshling. That’s right; you’re going to be my personal messenger. You know you’ll get to say those magical words: Thus says Yahweh God, yada yada… Now they might listen, probably not (they are as I said bums). But hey even if they don’t listen, you’ll still be known as a prophet. Don’t worry about them, fear them not… speak my words no matter their reactions

Now then, Fleshling, listen now to me. Don’t rebel; don’t be like the people I’m going to be sending you to.”

Oh this was going to be fun! I, Ezekiel just had the fortune of being called by God, what a wonderful grace. People I’m certain don’t ever understand what entails being a true prophet of Yahweh. Let me just go down a route of what’s happened so far. I saw freaky things, that I know I saw, but I sure can’t explain. God has chosen me (and not me choosing him… man I wish I had the Isaiah option) and then I’m threatened. All in all a lovely time with Yahweh so far… Then comes the command to eat what God gives me… Oh thanks Yahweh of course.

Then again I’m in the presence of holiness and I, Ezekiel comply with everything Yahweh is telling me. If you find yourself in with just holy God before you, you become a Yes man. So sure I was chosen, but even if I had the option I know I would still have said yes just because I would want to please a God who was so holy that I felt Sheol licking at my sandals. Holy Yahweh scary much. So there was Yahweh and he trusted a scroll before me, he even spread it out.

I think it was at that moment I started to weep. Jeremiah maybe called the weeping the prophet but let me guarantee you, we call cry. Yahweh had called me and the first words he gives me are filled with laments, mourners, and just plain woe. Right there, pretty much on the spot I think I started to cry. I saw what Yahweh had me prepared to say. One word described it all, Depressing, downright too. Have you read my memoirs ever? If not you’ll know in what ways Yahweh gave me messages that would spark woe.

I, Ezekiel may not have written a lament like Jeremiah did, but I would have given the chance. Looking at the scroll Yahweh gave me, was a taste of bitter herb. I was reminded of my forefather in Egypt all right, couldn’t forget that in exile, but then God made me take that bitter herb, his bitter scroll of mourning.

Oh Yahweh spare us…

(See Ezekiel 1-2)


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