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WIP Story Fun ^.^


I’ve been given the task of writing a blog in the computer class I’ve been forced to take. In so doing I kept trying to formulate differing thoughts, all of which came out as mush. I had planned on doing some Tobit stuff, but I’m currently awaiting a book to come in the library, before I continue a part of my study there. Therefore as I noticed that it was Wednesday once more I figured I had to really quick write up a blog to do. This and I’ve been meaning to some major blogging, which school has gotten in the way of… U.U

In so doing I’ve decided to post pieces of story that I’m working on. You know having fun with my hobbies, therefore what’s follows in part is a Work in Progress, and all that cool stuff. Before I spit out some of my writings I do want to note several things as I do.

One of my favorite movie categories are those Pseudo-Religious films that Hollywood tries to make. Where it’s usually some Catholic priest or prophecy thing. Movies like “Sin Eater” (or otherwise known as “The Order”) I think it’s kind of fun to see how off based they are. Or with something like “Constantine” I like seeing their crazy angelogy. Mostly because that’s probably one of my preferred parts of theology. (Which is evidence below with my wonderful Angel of YHWH fun). The other thing I’ve been enjoying lately is trying to put myself in certain stories. In the following story I’m trying to emulate myself as the main character Indy (whose basically become me in my various writings) but how would I react to certain situations, some normal, some bizarre and would probably never happen.

The final little tidbit I want to make note of, is that I kind of like to put Christians in fun little situation, that of course won’t ever happen, because well its purely made up stuff, I like made up stuff. ^.^ Anyways so here are some snippets of fun.

“Indiana Kingsman stood in the quiet sanctuary of an old, old church. Standing before him was Glenn Witchunter who happened to be one of the Vatican’s most prominent agents. The young chaplain had just been given a large packet of files that he was slowly flipping through. Glenn remained quiet as Indy looked at the pages. What he looked at seemed farfetched to Indy, even a little too farfetched for Glenn to be looking at. One of Glenn’s major jobs was seeking out the far fetch and disproving it, this one was far different from most of the others Witchunter had had Indy look at. “Are you starting to believe this?” Indy asked still flipping through pages. The research was good, filled with interviews, pictures, news articles, even ancient tomes… They gave way to evidence far too bizarre, not to mention the set bones that Glenn had uncovered.

“Everything bears the weight for it, not against it.” Witchunter sighed. “At the very least I need more help.” Indy closed the packet and looked up at Glenn a frown appearing on his face. More help, what for? “I…” Indy frowned. “What do you need more for?”
“I need you to check in on some remaining facets… some translations perhaps of the Dead Seas Scrolls?”
“The scrolls?” Indy frowned. “How would they offer anything things?” Glenn didn’t say anything for a little while as he mulled over some unknown decision. Finally he pulled out a flash drive and took a deep breath. What was going on here?”

Woo kind of the basic beginning so far. As I said I quite enjoy movies with Pseudo Catholic stuff , except that I’m protestant and shouldn’t we have some fun too? Hence enter in Indy to do the major fun stuff, although since I am going for those fun Catholic movie types feel I’m in need of Glenn and hidden DDS stuff with fun conspiracies. (Since hidden Catholic knowledge is always a part of the deal). Since part of the fun of those movies is that there is some piece of ancient works that we don’t know about and sets the stage for doom and gloom. Moreover since Indy is me, I have to make him into original language stuff (specifically Hebrew fun).

““Do not bother.” A strange voice said. Indy jumped; he slowly turned around to see a shadowy form of some strange figure. Again he jumped; the shiver in his spin ran another course. All that and his heart was now pumping hard. “She does not need to wake up… though what little time do you two have together?”
“W-who a-re you.” Indy stammered.
“One of the Seven, You have something you need not have.” Indy stood stiff as he looked at the shade. Somehow he knew the thing wanted him not to have the scrolls he had been given. His heart was still racing and if he wasn’t stiff he knew he’d be shaking. Yet words finally managed to come to his lips. “W-What are you?”

“An angel… or perhaps a demon.” The shadow floated quietly before Indy. “Both or neither… does it matter young Indiana?” The being moved closer to Indiana, but he moved away from the being, his hand went toward the rosary that he kept on his desk. A gift from another life, he held it tightly, not really sure why, or how it could help. Only that he felt a need to have something remotely close to God to hang onto. “Leave this place.” he ordered, hands trembling.”

Fun with demons (kinda) enters in here. Since I mean c’mon when having fun with demonology this has to be a part of it. Demons I figured are supposed to be scary things, I think we make too lightly of them in our society, but if we met one I think it is a time we would be trembling. (Not that I think ones meets a demon in this way usually). By the way the She found here is a reference to the Indy’s characters wife. Rosary (another ambiguous catholic reference for that whole fun genre thing), oh and the Angel or demon bit is an undecided factor of mine, either a lying demon (which c’mon I assume happens a lot) or I’m going to make up junk with demonology and the Nephilim (because I’m totally writing fiction here).

Grace me with thy power,
Let not the demons lay siege
nor dominions buffet upon thine own.

Indy looked up weakly grasping for air, when he saw a man by the window holding a gun. Blackness was starting to over take him. The Bullet clicked in; words said… what were the words? Darkness threatened at the corners of his mind, pain swelled over him. “Overflowing Grace!” The words echoed in the room followed by gun fire. Indy fell to the ground gasping for precious air. The creature groaning in death pains. “Return from whence you came.” The man spoke to the demon and fired again. “Through the Christ’s power I send you back!” Another bullet into the demon.
“Others will come after me…” The creature hissed. “Too important for our apocalypse…” It hissed once more before disappearing into nothingness.”

Okay so this last little bit I get from anime, which always have awesome ways of exorcisms, (which American movies do too at times). Specifically I was influenced to have a set of characters like this because of an anime series called Chrono Crusade. Once again just some fiction fun, plus it was fun to work on poetic exorcism type stuff. I hoping as I go through the story I can have a variety of different highly stylized ways of exorcising demons. Just to you know have and see how creative I can be. Plus I plan on having several scenes to explore the effect that demons I would might have. I mean if Angels scared people in the Bible, how more would menacing demons?

That’s just some basic jumping around of the manuscript (? I think that fits) of the story that I have currently, at the moment the work in progress name is Seven of Sevens. I dunno comment on what you think or whatever. Suggestions are also always welcome, or fun little ideas to plunge into the story.

– Le Bel Inconnu


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