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Guild Wars FanFiction Part One


This is an old fanfiction that I had worked on when my friends and I used to all play Guild Wars together, I had gotten four well fiveish parts written before college took over.  I decided to post this, to see if any of my friends remember it. ^.^ Plus I had enjoyed writing it…

Part One: Getting a Team Together…

Ezekiel looked across the grassy fields that stood before the place known as Shing Jea Monastery. He had traveled from Tyria just to reach this small place. Having to actually had taken two boats to reach here, but he was more then certain that it had been a good decision to visit the lands of Cantha. More specifically to come to the small Rural island of Shing Jea. He loosened his cape a little around his neck and started to walk closer to the Monastery. “A Tyrian Mesmer I see…” A hallow voice spoke softly from behind Ezekiel. Ezekiel turned around quickly, his weapon out… but there was no one behind him. He heard some laughter, and sighed softly. He extended his staff back hard and caught the man hard in the gut. “That kind of hurt.” The hallow voice said softly.

Ezekiel looked over at the masked man, and pondered for a second trying to figure out his profession. “It’s interesting to see that Cantha has its own professions… I’m Ezekiel of Chebar, a Mesmer and you are?”
“Ehud…” he coughed as he tried to get his breath back. “I’m an assassin, guess I should have known better then to mess with a Mesmer from Tyria.”
“If we were truly to battle one another I’m not sure I would have done so well… its almost like you step softer then the shadows.”

“I try… so what is a Tyrian doing on Shing Jea Island?”
“What a Mesmer does” Ezekiel said with a smile as he waved his right arm slightly, extended his fisted palm out with sparks appearing. “Entertain!”
“Cute… really…” Ehud answered sarcastically.
“I do try…” Ezekiel answered. “Now since you’re one of the first Canthans I’ve been able to talk to… could you lead me to Master Togo?”
“I could… but I rather not.”
“And why is that?”

“He’s over on the mainland and I have business here on this island.” Ezekiel sighed and looked over at the assassin. “You’re rather useless.”
“So I’m told.” with that Ehud disappeared as mysteriously as he had appeared. Ezekiel shook his head and pondered for a second on what to do. What a wasted trip he thought silently as he tried to think on what it was he should do next.

He pulled a small sigil out of his pocket and raised his hand over his head and uttered a quiet word and was suddenly gone.

The Luster Knights Guild, their home upon one of the many guild isle that Cantha allowed for trade of Celestial Sigil. Though the Luster Knights are a small guild they still had within their ranks some of the most famous heroes across Tyria. It was here that Ezekiel of Chebar appeared before its front gates, which were usually open. The island’s many structures had been crafted by Cathan monks long ago leaving the Guild Hall to have a Canthan monastery feel about it. In fact as he looked at it, he was soon reminded of Shing Jea Monastery. Beron Von Killalot walked up to Ezekiel and looked at him, who stared back into his cold dead eyes. Most Necromancers were creepy, but the Baron had yet to be topped. There were times that Ezekiel wondered if he took pleasure in it

“What is it Baron?” Ezekiel asked.
Beron responded: “I have a new member to be added to the guild.” Ezekiel nodded and continued to walk toward the main building of the hall. “How is he?” Ezekiel asked as they walked toward the building.
“She is quite fine if I do say so myself.” the Baron answered. “She is an Elonian, and a grand Dervish.”

Ezekiel stopped in his tracks and turned around and looked at the Necromancer. “You’ve been to Elona lately?” he asked. They had reached the bridge by this point and Ezekiel looked over at Beron awaiting his answer. “I am a baron… I find myself having to travel all the time, did you think I just made up the title?”
“Knowing you…” Ezekiel paused as if in thought, but then quickly answered. “Yes… yes I would had expected that from you.” With that they continued the walk up to the main building.

As they began to ascend the steps up to the door where Ezekiel was heading, he asked: “What is her name?”
“Rose… Rose of Nightfall.” Beron answered as they walked.
“Can’t wait to meet her then.” Ezekiel answered. They reached a silent man standing a few feet from the door, he was dressed in full armor and his face was emotionless. The Guild Lord. Ezekiel bowed to him slightly and then entered into the door behind, with the Baron close behind him. “Why are you telling me this anyways Beron.” Ezekiel asked as he navigated through the hallways. “You usually don’t inform me of new recruits.”

“I want her to be an officer in this Guild.” The Baron answered with his grave voice. “In fact I more then insist on it.” Ezekiel once more stopped in his tracks and looked at the Baron. “You’re insisting on it?”
“You and I both know who was Guild Leader originally.” The Baron’s cold eyes drilled into Ezekiel
“Yeah Nero was before you, he left, and my present leadership has to do with him and me, not you and I.” Ezekiel returned a fierce look unto the Baron. “I will meet her and then decide Beron.” With that Ezekiel took a step to the right and entered into the Guild’s Archives.

The Archives of the Guild were kept in order by two people Garett Elendos and Rebekah of Paddan; An Elementist and a Paragon respectively. Garett was from the continent of Tyria and had been with the Guild since the beginning. He used to be more active, but once the Guild Hall was bought he had turned toward working on the History of the Guild and other scholarly projects. Rebekah was quite the opposite from him. Instead of pale skin lacking evidence of sun, she was a beautiful tanned Elonian; Instead of geeky quarks she was instead quite graceful. About the only thing they had in common was their love for lore and tales. Rebekah worked well with Garett, if only for the present time. She looked up at Ezekiel as he entered into the room. “In need of something?” She asked.
“Yes… what do we have on Cantha? I’m finding out I know almost nothing of Cantha.” Ezekiel answered.

“I’m going to say not much, but I’ll see what Garett can dig up Ezekiel.”

Ehud of Benjamin stood upon the docks of Seitung Harbor overlooking the ocean. He felt a presence close to him and cocked his head to look over and saw Zenmai, the mo zing; the masterless assassin. “Silent and Deadly.” She said softly.
“What do you want Zenmai?”
“Some crazy Mesmer hired me out, asked if there were any other good heroes, I said I had one in mind and here we are together…”
“I dealt with an odd one a little while ago… Sure I’ll help, I’ve just finished my last mark anyhow…”

Zenmai smiled and jumped up, she waved for the Mesmer to come over. Ehud remained facing toward the sea. “The job will be quick.” Zenmai said softly. “Besides I think he’s slightly funny.”
“So Assassin Babe when are we going…” Ranged Ezekiel’s voice in Ehud’s ears. He turned around quickly and looked at the Mesmer standing beside Zenmai. “You did say slightly funny right?” Ehud asked.
“Slightly funny?” Ezekiel responded indignantly. “I’m one of the best Mesmers in all of Tyria!”
“The world or the continent… better yet just your own mind.”
“I resent that remark… Zenmai thinks I’m funny right babe?”

“Of course I do!” Zenmai answered. “I mean with those silly clothes and that mask! How can you not laugh.” Ehud smiled beneath his mask and gave a soft chuckle. “She’s got you there Mesmer.”
“One: my name is Ezekiel, two: if we are to work together then we need to do so well.” Ezekiel sighed, hopefully this wouldn’t be too hard. “I’ll explain everything at the guild hall.” He lifted the sigil up and Ehud looked at it with one eyebrow raised. “Oh joy he’s going to dazzle us with some “Mesmer” magic…”
“No Ehud.” Said Zenmai. “It’s a sigil… I’ve never seen one in action though…”
“I’ve always wondered how so small an object is able to transport people… its physically impossible.”
“So is half of the things on Tyria… can we go now?” Ezekiel answered. With that the group disappeared once more and to the Guild Hall they went.

They appeared before the Guild Hall and her open gates. “These gates are always opened to all.” Ezekiel said as they appeared. He moved forward without really looking and suddenly hit bars, and heard the two assassins laugh. “They looked closed at the moment to me.” Ehud said.
“I told you he’s funny.” Zenmai said with a giggle.
“In a pitiful sort of way.” Ehud looked up to see Beron Von Killalot walking passed the gate dragging a body behind him. “That’s really creepy…”
“No not really.” Ezekiel answered. “Hey Beron can you open the gate…” He nodded quietly muttering something about needing more bodies… many more bodies…

Ehud looked over at Zenmai who looked back… What had they gotten into. The baron turned still dragging the body by the leg and flicked open the switch which started the gate to open. “Rose is up the stairway to the right.” With that Beron continued on his way to make a zombie or something else creepy and necromancer akin. They passed by Beron, the assassins still a little creeped out by what they had just witnessed, and also that Ezekiel had just walked on by as if nothing had happened. They ascended the first stairs where the Guild Lord stood silently. “Tell me he is at least a little uneasy about that Necromancer’s behavior.” Ehud asked.
“Na nothing bothers him… except guild battles… we don’t do so good in them, the henchmen aren’t the best of warriors.”

They ascended the stairs to the right and reached the small floor that overlooks the right path and one of the many waterfalls. Ezekiel turned and looked at the young woman in bright red, Rose of Nightfall. “Well hey there good-looking, its always nice to have another babe to woo into lovin’ me.” Ezekiel said to her. Rose looked over at the Mesmer and then at the two assassins wondering if he was serious. “Like I would ever love a man who adores Peter Pan a bit too much.” She answered.
“Who wouldn’t.” Ezekiel answered. “Besides greens the new black.”
“I’ll just pretend you don’t exist… assassin woman is there any quest this guild is working on?”
“Her name is Zenmai.” Ehud spoke up.
“Was I asking that?”

“Does it look like I care?” Ehud answered. “Don’t make me gut you.”
“Like an assassin could tank.” Ehud’s dagger came out suddenly, while Rose stood still almost waiting for the ensuing battle. They stood there looking at each other intensely, when the Baron walked by and shouted over to Rose: “If possible make the kill clean dear.” he then disappeared into the hall, once more muttering the need of bodies. Then suddenly Rose launched forward, her scythe appearing almost out of no where. Ehud dodged to the side quickly, and swung his daggers to attack. Rose blocked the two blades with the single blade upon her scythe. “Longer reach.” she noted to him. “Besides as I said… Assassins are nothing compared to Dervishes.”
“I resent that remark!” Zenmai answered furiously, her daggers out and posed for attack.

Beron came out of the main structure and called once more out to Rose. “I’ve yet to get a female body, hers would be all right.” Zenmai looked over at Ehud who returned the gaze and then they looked at Ezekiel and Rose. “What is he doing?” they both asked.
“Necromancy… forming new skills… needs test subjects.” Rose answered. “I’m more then willing to help him.” She swung her scythe once more. Ezekiel bent down easily dodging while the two assassins found that they both had to block with their daggers. “She does have longer reach.” Ehud commented. He then disappeared; he shadowed stepped.

He appeared close to her face, and swiped his hand close to her eyes, a fine powder flew out from his hand and into her eyes. Rose backed away and uttered a curse as she tried to wipe the powder away. Ehud then returned close beside Zenmai and launched forward to attack. He launched himself into the series of combos that the assassins are well known for. Rose blocked what she could, but then took a deep cut from one of his daggers and stumbled back, her eyesight just coming back to her. Suddenly Rose’s body was covered by a light aura that blocked her presence. Ehud backed off, stopping right in front of Zenmai. Rose began to laugh, but it sounded plural at first. “Silly assassin you forget that Dervishes are more then mere humans, we are the avatars of the Gods!” The voice was no longer Rose’s but lighter, a voice that would had seemed at home upon a nymph. She was now in the form of Melandru.

“Well…” Ehud paused for a brief second trying to think of a remark to say. He merely ended up cursing and readied for the coming attack. Melandru-Rose appeared in front of Ehud, picked him up effortlessly and threw him to her left. Ehud flew over and hit the Guild Lord and slid to the ground looking up at him, he remained silent, almost as if nothing had happened. “Can’t you help!?”
“Select a service from my list-”
“I think I might kill you after I kill the goddess up there!” Ehud launched himself up and went to rush forward changing into his shadow form. Shadow Arts at their peak.

Ezekiel was descending the stairs as Ehud was racing up them. “When you two are done, I’m in the Guild Archives, remember if you spill any blood you clean it up.” He shouted.

– Le Bel Inconnu


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