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Gods Spare Us, Guild Wars Fanfic Part II


Here’s the second part of the adventures of the Luster Knight Guild (I had never really like the name of our Guild, but majority always rules…) Oh and some (all?) of my italics are gone… and I’m just too lazy to place them back in for the blog post

Part Two:  Gods Spare Us

Ezekiel sat in the Guild’s Library reading quietly when he heard noise and looked up to see the two assassins and Rose standing in the doorway bloodied.  “So who won?”  Ezekiel asked.
“We will not speak of that!”  Both Ehud and Rose said at the same time.
“Oh… well I guess we can’t decide the winner of the pot…”   Ezekiel said softly.
“A pot?” Rose asked.
“Over who would win, all of us in the guild made bets…  More were betting on you then  the assassins, heck even Zenmai betted for you.”

Ehud turned and looked at the female assassin, “When did you?” he asked.
“Oh when she knocked you into the guild lord.”  Zenmai answered.
“When you get started on the quest come and find me.”  Ehud said.  With that he disappeared into the guild hall.  Beron entered into the quiet room shortly after he had left and looked over at Rose.  “Did you secure me any  bodies dear?”
“We only succeeded in bloodying ourselves and ruining some clothing Lord Beron.”
“Too bad…  I guess I’ll have to go hunting…”  Beron went to leave, when he stopped and turned around to face Ezekiel again.  “Might I have a word Ezekiel?”

Ezekiel nodded and placed his book down, carefully marking his spot first.  He stood up and adjusted his coat a little before heading out the door following the Baron.  Rose looked over at Zenmai and then sighed.  “Great nothing to do now…”  She muttered and then disappeared down the opposite way of the hallway.  Zenmai looked around and found herself alone…  “What’s an assassin to do with no one around?”  She said with a slight pout.   Ezekiel followed Beron to the necromancer’s room.  As he entered the dark and dank place, his nostrils were filled with the smells of rotting corpses, and of other things of death.  Beron walked over to a small table where a wine bottle stood almost unaware of the stench.  “What is it you wanted Beron?”  Ezekiel asked.
“You have met Rose.”  Beron Von Killalot answered.  “Now have you made a decision.”

“I’ve only just met her, and it wasn’t under the best of circumstances… I don’t know if I appreciate her attacking two assassins I’m paying good money for.”
“She seemed to have held her own though, you must admit that.”  Beron retorted.  He popped open the bottle and poured a dark red liquid into two glasses, one for him and the other for Ezekiel.  He handed one to the Mesmer and took a sip from the other.  “I’m not as active as I used to be Ezekiel.”  Beron continued.  “And I’ve been tempted to go other routes then battles…  Tyria doesn’t need another minion master now does it?”
“Then what will you do?”  Ezekiel asked.  “Become a Necromancer Teacher?”
“That is one thought yes.”

Ezekiel looked at the liquid in his cup and sniffed it, it didn’t smell too funny, but then again his sense of smell was a bit… off.  He took a small sip, and decided that it was some red wine, and wouldn’t harm him.  “If she proves herself in the upcoming mission… then yes she will become an officer.”  Ezekiel finally answered.
“And if not?”  Beron asked.
“If not… she will only be a member, not an officer.”  Beron nodded, and seemed a little pleased, but then again Ezekiel could never get his emotions quite right.

“I’ve got work to do then.”  The Baron said.  “Here have the rest of the drink, enjoy the rest of the day…  it’ll be dusk all too soon.”  Ezekiel smiled and took the bottle that Beron offered out to him.  Then with that Ezekiel left Beron to his work… whatever that may truly be.  Once outside he checked the label upon the bottle of wine.  Blood of Virgin…  He suddenly felt sick, and the aftertaste that was in his mouth tasted all too metallically.

Ehud leaned onto the bridge’s railing.  He had walked down the right path until he had seen this bridge that overlooked a waterfall and the stream that flowed from it.  He sensed a presence beside him and knew at once who it was.  “What is it Zenmai?” he asked her.
“You’re doing it again.”  She answered him.  She walked over and leaned on the wooden railing beside him.  “It’s peaceful here, and it looks like a good place to be and yet…  once again you’re pulling yourself into your isolated corners…  When there’s a team to be made, you won’t play.”
“That cuts.”  Ehud answered.  “It’s not like you’re prefect either.”

“I never said I was…  we’re assassins Ehud…  we kill of course we’re not perfect.  We weren’t trained to be like the noble Paragons or to be healers of wounds like the monks…  we aren’t even entertainers like the Mesmers.”
“Like I would want to be a Mesmer.”  Ehud picked up a small rock from the bridge and threw it into the water below as he thought.  “Zenmai…  I-I just…”  Ehud sighed.  “I’ll help Zeke with his quest…”  Zenmai jumped up and made a sound of excitement.  “This’ll be fun.”

Rose looked down at Rebekah and raised an eyebrow…  “Why are you not helping this guild fight and win needed battles!”  She demanded of the Paragon.  Rebekah marked something off on the sheet of paper before and then looked up at Rose.  “I’m not cooped up inside this musky building all day.” she answered.  “And I do more then keep the archive in order…  the meals you eat are prepared by me, and I do go to Elona at least once a week if not more to help with the Sunspears.”
“But don’t you help with the Guild’s battles?”
“We don’t do too hot in Guild Battles, teamwork isn’t our strong suit… and Ezekiel says I just complicate things….”

“What do you complicate?”  Rose asked the smaller woman.   A young man walked into the room and sat down a stack of books in front of Rebekah.  “I just acquired copies of several Canthan lore books, when you have time can you enter them in?”  Garett asked.
“Of course, nice to see we can actually update the library with books from other cultures.”  Rebekah went to move a few of the books and they came tumbling down.  Her effort however caused her to slip and she landed on the floor hard.  “As I said…  I complicate things.”
“Please tell me you’re not usually that clumsy…”  Rose asked.

“She drops her spear a lot-” Garett stopped abruptly and backed away from Rebekah.  He rubbed his leg softly.  “I suddenly get the feeling that I know why this guild is so small.”  Rose sighed softly.  “Hopefully our actual quest proves we’re better…”

The following day Ezekiel called together the small group that he wanted to take with him on the quest that he had yet to really tell any one of.  He stood quietly at the window over looking the quiet surroundings of the isle.  He wondered how well the new warriors were really going to do.  He turned around and saw Rebekah enter the room quietly, tripping slightly on the rug that laid in the entrance.  “Ezekiel… when are you going to explain the quest to everyone?”  Ezekiel turned and looked at Rebekah, why did Paragons wear so little?  “Ezekiel…”  Rebekah ordered softly.  Ezekiel gaze went back up to her face and he became slightly more attentive.  “You wonder why we don’t have more females in the guild… I wonder how we have the ones who are here…”

Ezekiel nodded softly, “Get them in here okay?” he said.  “The sooner we start then I suppose it would be the better.”  Rebekah nodded and called them into the room.  Ehud walked over to corner and leaned quietly, while Zenmai stood close by.  Rose walked right up to Ezekiel, more then ready to hear what exactly was to be said.  Beron came in with Rebekah behind him, shutting the door.  Ezekiel took a deep breath and turned to face them.  As Ezekiel  was about to speak a monk rushed into the room, slightly out of breath.  “Sometimes I really hate Tyria…” She said softly…  “But I think I may have found a clue for where we should start…”

Melody Sorrow trailed off.  She was the only Monk within the whole Guild, but out of all the monks that Ezekiel had known she was one of the best.  She was easily worth ten monks together…  but she had a certain problem.  Melody looked over at Rebekah and noticed a small sore spot right above Rebekah’s knee.   Rebekah looked down at him and then back at Melody and gulped slightly, Melody was a Healing Sociopath…  This wouldn’t end well.  “YOU’RE HURT!”  Melody shouted and rushed over to Rebekah…  Ehud looked up at the strange monk, he was about to ask what she was about to do when the area was filled with a sudden bright light.  “Blessed Light!”  Melody shouted.  When the bright light had dissipated Rebekah’s knee was cleared of any injury.  “All healed!”  Melody said with a smile.

“So…  Where do we start?” Ezekiel asked softly, fearing his guess might be right.
“The Temple of the Ages…”
“To the Underworld?” Beron said suddenly.  “Why would Nero have gone there…”
“He was a Necromancer…”  Rebekah noted.  “He was the most level headed of the original members…. There has to be a reason…”

Ezekiel looked over at the two assassins and Rose and took a deep breath, this would be a harder quest then he thought.   “None of you were present when Nero took his leave of the guild, leaving it in my care.  Nero Caden was man without peers, I firmly believe that, he truly was a hero, but something was slowly eating him away…  He promised to return in due time, but that over a year or so ago, and I wondered if he was still alive, but now I fear that he has become something worst.”
“So you want us to go into disaster and enter Grenth’s domain!” Ehud snapped.  “Nothing like being in the domain of one so dark.”

“Touchy aren’t we?” Rose asked.  “Don’t you like Grenth, as an assassin you’ve got ties to him.”
“I have no ties to any of the gods.”  Ehud closed his eyes and became quite quiet.  Everyone looked at him for a second, no ties to the gods?  Ezekiel coughed a little and began.  “We’ll have to go exploring there none the less…  We’ll place ourselves into two groups, Rose and Beron will accompany me, while Rebekah will head up the other group with Ehud and Zenmai.”
“Is splitting up into two separate groups wise?” Rebekah asked.  “We only have one monk amongst us?”
“It’ll be fine, You’ll take that role in your group and mine we’ll have Melody…  We aren’t trying to combat the various monsters of the deep… only find out more about Nero’s whereabouts.”

“Then its settled, we head to the Temple of the Ages.”  Beron Von Killalot said solemnly.  “I’ve been wanting to go there for quite some time now, now I can finally see spirits up closely….  Another step in finishing my research….”

The Temple of the Ages…

Ehud looked at the vast many statues that litter the temple around him and sighed softly.  He hated this long display of gods whom he thought were long dead.   Zenmai looked over at Ehud and said to him softly.  “Ehud…”
“Fine…  I’ll act all spiritual for the guild.”  Ezekiel walked past them paying the two assassins little heed he bent down before the statue of his patron goddess, Lyssa and prayed softly to it.  Rose bent down beside him an prayed softly.  She stood up and walked up to another one of the gods and prayed another prayer softly before moving onto another.

“One who hates the gods, while the other who loves them all.”  Melody noted before moving onto her patron goddess of Dwayna.  Beron Von Killalot walked over to the statue of Grenth and smiled softly.  “Oh my dark lord.”  He said in a deep voice.  “I offer until you finger.”  He placed it before the statue.  “I found it from the corpse of a princess.  Take my humble gift…”   Ehud looked over at the decayed finger and raised an eyebrow.  “Where did you get a Princess’s finger?”
“Her Grave.”  Beron answered
“Her Grave…?”
“Yeah I found her grave, dug it up and severed her finger… and brought it here.  Is it really so hard to understand!?”

Ehud backed away from the baron and decided to go find a souvenir shop and disappeared from the group.  Rose finished praying to the last god and took a deep breath.  Now to gather to go to the underworld.  Ezekiel looked at one of the Temple’s Priestesses and walked over to her.  “Hey there Priestess…” He said softly.  “I could show you a-”  The Priestess hefted out a large hammer and looked at him, her eyes darken.  “Don’t even think about it Mesmer.”
“Are you judging me before you know of me?  I’m sure the gods wouldn’t approve…”
“He won’t care…”   Ezekiel gulped slightly a Balthazar Priestess…   He then saw one of the Grenth’s Priestess and decided to go try her.

Rose walked over to Beron and asked him softly: “Are we going to go down soon?”
“Uneasy my dear?”  Beron asked the young dervish.
“A little, I worry about showing favoritism to a god, and I’m clearing showing one to Grenth…”
“But what a god to show approval of!”  Ezekiel walked up them nursing a red mark on his face slightly.  “Grenth Girl’s hit hard.”  He muttered.  “Where are the others?”
“Melody was chasing after some Necromancer who used blood magic.”  Rose answered.  “I think she likes curing a bit… much.”
“That male Sin…” Beron stated.  “Will cause us the wrath of the gods!”
“Leave him be…”  Zenmai said joining the group.  “He has his reasons…  it would seem the gods had no love for him.”

Ezekiel looked over at Ehud who was busy with a merchant.  “All right time to pay our platinum…”
“Ezekiel how much have you spent recently…?”  Beron asked.
“We’ll be broke soon…  I just know it…”

– Le Bel Inconnu


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