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A Seminary Student Musing Over his Own Blog


I’ve decided that I might try my hand at a different sort of post for my blog. Often what I post on here are quick snippets of studies that I have done, that are too often just bits of analytical messes. What amounts to being basically manuscripts to the various sermons that I have given at the church that I have honor of being able to preach at. Notes, although not so much lately, of the various things that I have done for Sunday school.

I have some Arthurian stuff, that attempts to be scholarly, despite myself having no scholarly training in Arthurian literature. Merely an insane love of the stuff and hidden desire to someday see how hard it would to get some sort of degree.

If you follow a few posts down you would have noticed that I recently taken down post to school work that I have done. This being for a variety of reasons, none of which I care to get into. In the earlier phrase of the blog I have some more creative bits of writings of me trying to get into the mindset of the prophets. At one time, I used to a do a bit of creative writing on this thing, long gone now because of hesitant at allowing people to read such things. (Although I did have a friend who most protested at the idea).

I used to update this thing so very often, but I think I got too full of myself and had decided that this blog should be something it’s not. After all, who really reads these things than other bloggers? (Okay so some blogs are more widely read), nonetheless certainly my blog isn’t even the most popular one that is out there.

It’s never made it into any of those top fifty blogs things that I’ve seen. Probably often overrated, but I would automatically admit that if it were suddenly the part of some top even 100 blogs I totally hype it up. Human nature and all that fun stuff.

I’d love for something like this to be more important than it is.

My top two posts happen to be about Asmodeus, although I think the title is what gets it the most hits, and one concerning the Ethiopian Meqabyan books.

Asmodeus is fun and all, but I’m honestly surprised that that particular post had gotten as many hits as it, but as mentioned that’s probably due to its title. I keep playing with the idea of doing something with Raphael in a similar manner, but I’m unsure how well that would turn out.

Those Ethiopian books have almost no scholarly information on them (I’ve not even been able to see them in Ge’ez or whatever their original language is, just to note okay they really exists), but there one set of translations from a guy who has rigorously tried to popularize the translation. (You can see his name pop up everywhere, even here, although sadly he didn’t answer any questions I had responded to).

So this is part of the state of my blog. I’ll be returning some of the older posts that I had once had. Once again I’ll have those bits of Creative writing that I once had. Deciding that I care less and less about view counts, or what people might respond to.

At some point, I’d like to earnestly place new posts up, but I might very well fail at that. School, Ministry, and other factors in my life limit me. Still I love to get more up concerning those favorite pieces of Biblical literature to me. Yet also I think I might once more add to the creative part, just for creativity’s sake, or boredom.

A return to more how it once was and who knows whether it’s for the better or the worst?


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