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Leo the Great on Christmas


This is a selection, well more like a quote from one of Leo the Great’s sermons. (His life was c. 400 – 10 November 461). Specifically Sermon 21, which gave on December 25 in 440. This translation comes from volume 93 of Fathers of the Church, a new translation.

Our Savior, dearly beloved, was born this day. Let us rejoice. No, there cannot rightly be any room for sorrow in place where life has been born. By dispelling fear of death, life fills us with joy about the promised eternity. No one has been cut off from a share in this excitement. All share together a single rationale for joy. Our Lord, finding no one free of guilt, has come to liberate all. Let Saints exult, for the palm [of victory] lies within their reach. Let sinners rejoice, for they have been called to pardon. Let heathens take heart, for they have been summoned to life.


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