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A Seminary Student Musing Over his Own Blog

I’ve decided that I might try my hand at a different sort of post for my blog. Often what I post on here are quick snippets of studies that I have done, that are too often just bits of analytical messes. What amounts to being basically manuscripts to the various sermons that I have given at the church that I have honor of being able to preach at. Notes, although not so much lately, of the various things that I have done for Sunday school.

I have some Arthurian stuff, that attempts to be scholarly, despite myself having no scholarly training in Arthurian literature. Merely an insane love of the stuff and hidden desire to someday see how hard it would to get some sort of degree.

If you follow a few posts down you would have noticed that I recently taken down post to school work that I have done. This being for a variety of reasons, none of which I care to get into. In the earlier phrase of the blog I have some more creative bits of writings of me trying to get into the mindset of the prophets. At one time, I used to a do a bit of creative writing on this thing, long gone now because of hesitant at allowing people to read such things. (Although I did have a friend who most protested at the idea).

I used to update this thing so very often, but I think I got too full of myself and had decided that this blog should be something it’s not. After all, who really reads these things than other bloggers? (Okay so some blogs are more widely read), nonetheless certainly my blog isn’t even the most popular one that is out there.

It’s never made it into any of those top fifty blogs things that I’ve seen. Probably often overrated, but I would automatically admit that if it were suddenly the part of some top even 100 blogs I totally hype it up. Human nature and all that fun stuff.

I’d love for something like this to be more important than it is.

My top two posts happen to be about Asmodeus, although I think the title is what gets it the most hits, and one concerning the Ethiopian Meqabyan books.

Asmodeus is fun and all, but I’m honestly surprised that that particular post had gotten as many hits as it, but as mentioned that’s probably due to its title. I keep playing with the idea of doing something with Raphael in a similar manner, but I’m unsure how well that would turn out.

Those Ethiopian books have almost no scholarly information on them (I’ve not even been able to see them in Ge’ez or whatever their original language is, just to note okay they really exists), but there one set of translations from a guy who has rigorously tried to popularize the translation. (You can see his name pop up everywhere, even here, although sadly he didn’t answer any questions I had responded to).

So this is part of the state of my blog. I’ll be returning some of the older posts that I had once had. Once again I’ll have those bits of Creative writing that I once had. Deciding that I care less and less about view counts, or what people might respond to.

At some point, I’d like to earnestly place new posts up, but I might very well fail at that. School, Ministry, and other factors in my life limit me. Still I love to get more up concerning those favorite pieces of Biblical literature to me. Yet also I think I might once more add to the creative part, just for creativity’s sake, or boredom.

A return to more how it once was and who knows whether it’s for the better or the worst?


I have often wonder be

I have often wonder be
When it is I shall leave
To adventure across mountains daring
Afraid you will stop caring.

Still I know this task of mine
To go on ahead of friends of old
So please be ready, prepare the wine.
For greetings warm are better than greetings cold.

Here I am leaving in but a while.
My bags are packed for that far off isle.
I pray we meet again before then.
But only God knows when.

Elysium that far country fair
Of grass so green and water sweet
‘Tis a place with no fresher air
May we before then once again meet?

I have often wonder be
When it is I shall leave?
Yet here it has now come at last
Still I’m afraid that you’ll forget me fast.

Gods Spare Us, Guild Wars Fanfic Part II

Here’s the second part of the adventures of the Luster Knight Guild (I had never really like the name of our Guild, but majority always rules…) Oh and some (all?) of my italics are gone… and I’m just too lazy to place them back in for the blog post

Part Two:  Gods Spare Us

Ezekiel sat in the Guild’s Library reading quietly when he heard noise and looked up to see the two assassins and Rose standing in the doorway bloodied.  “So who won?”  Ezekiel asked.
“We will not speak of that!”  Both Ehud and Rose said at the same time.
“Oh… well I guess we can’t decide the winner of the pot…”   Ezekiel said softly.
“A pot?” Rose asked.
“Over who would win, all of us in the guild made bets…  More were betting on you then  the assassins, heck even Zenmai betted for you.”

Ehud turned and looked at the female assassin, “When did you?” he asked.
“Oh when she knocked you into the guild lord.”  Zenmai answered.
“When you get started on the quest come and find me.”  Ehud said.  With that he disappeared into the guild hall.  Beron entered into the quiet room shortly after he had left and looked over at Rose.  “Did you secure me any  bodies dear?”
“We only succeeded in bloodying ourselves and ruining some clothing Lord Beron.”
“Too bad…  I guess I’ll have to go hunting…”  Beron went to leave, when he stopped and turned around to face Ezekiel again.  “Might I have a word Ezekiel?”

Ezekiel nodded and placed his book down, carefully marking his spot first.  He stood up and adjusted his coat a little before heading out the door following the Baron.  Rose looked over at Zenmai and then sighed.  “Great nothing to do now…”  She muttered and then disappeared down the opposite way of the hallway.  Zenmai looked around and found herself alone…  “What’s an assassin to do with no one around?”  She said with a slight pout.   Ezekiel followed Beron to the necromancer’s room.  As he entered the dark and dank place, his nostrils were filled with the smells of rotting corpses, and of other things of death.  Beron walked over to a small table where a wine bottle stood almost unaware of the stench.  “What is it you wanted Beron?”  Ezekiel asked.
“You have met Rose.”  Beron Von Killalot answered.  “Now have you made a decision.”

“I’ve only just met her, and it wasn’t under the best of circumstances… I don’t know if I appreciate her attacking two assassins I’m paying good money for.”
“She seemed to have held her own though, you must admit that.”  Beron retorted.  He popped open the bottle and poured a dark red liquid into two glasses, one for him and the other for Ezekiel.  He handed one to the Mesmer and took a sip from the other.  “I’m not as active as I used to be Ezekiel.”  Beron continued.  “And I’ve been tempted to go other routes then battles…  Tyria doesn’t need another minion master now does it?”
“Then what will you do?”  Ezekiel asked.  “Become a Necromancer Teacher?”
“That is one thought yes.”

Ezekiel looked at the liquid in his cup and sniffed it, it didn’t smell too funny, but then again his sense of smell was a bit… off.  He took a small sip, and decided that it was some red wine, and wouldn’t harm him.  “If she proves herself in the upcoming mission… then yes she will become an officer.”  Ezekiel finally answered.
“And if not?”  Beron asked.
“If not… she will only be a member, not an officer.”  Beron nodded, and seemed a little pleased, but then again Ezekiel could never get his emotions quite right.

“I’ve got work to do then.”  The Baron said.  “Here have the rest of the drink, enjoy the rest of the day…  it’ll be dusk all too soon.”  Ezekiel smiled and took the bottle that Beron offered out to him.  Then with that Ezekiel left Beron to his work… whatever that may truly be.  Once outside he checked the label upon the bottle of wine.  Blood of Virgin…  He suddenly felt sick, and the aftertaste that was in his mouth tasted all too metallically.

Ehud leaned onto the bridge’s railing.  He had walked down the right path until he had seen this bridge that overlooked a waterfall and the stream that flowed from it.  He sensed a presence beside him and knew at once who it was.  “What is it Zenmai?” he asked her.
“You’re doing it again.”  She answered him.  She walked over and leaned on the wooden railing beside him.  “It’s peaceful here, and it looks like a good place to be and yet…  once again you’re pulling yourself into your isolated corners…  When there’s a team to be made, you won’t play.”
“That cuts.”  Ehud answered.  “It’s not like you’re prefect either.”

“I never said I was…  we’re assassins Ehud…  we kill of course we’re not perfect.  We weren’t trained to be like the noble Paragons or to be healers of wounds like the monks…  we aren’t even entertainers like the Mesmers.”
“Like I would want to be a Mesmer.”  Ehud picked up a small rock from the bridge and threw it into the water below as he thought.  “Zenmai…  I-I just…”  Ehud sighed.  “I’ll help Zeke with his quest…”  Zenmai jumped up and made a sound of excitement.  “This’ll be fun.”

Rose looked down at Rebekah and raised an eyebrow…  “Why are you not helping this guild fight and win needed battles!”  She demanded of the Paragon.  Rebekah marked something off on the sheet of paper before and then looked up at Rose.  “I’m not cooped up inside this musky building all day.” she answered.  “And I do more then keep the archive in order…  the meals you eat are prepared by me, and I do go to Elona at least once a week if not more to help with the Sunspears.”
“But don’t you help with the Guild’s battles?”
“We don’t do too hot in Guild Battles, teamwork isn’t our strong suit… and Ezekiel says I just complicate things….”

“What do you complicate?”  Rose asked the smaller woman.   A young man walked into the room and sat down a stack of books in front of Rebekah.  “I just acquired copies of several Canthan lore books, when you have time can you enter them in?”  Garett asked.
“Of course, nice to see we can actually update the library with books from other cultures.”  Rebekah went to move a few of the books and they came tumbling down.  Her effort however caused her to slip and she landed on the floor hard.  “As I said…  I complicate things.”
“Please tell me you’re not usually that clumsy…”  Rose asked.

“She drops her spear a lot-” Garett stopped abruptly and backed away from Rebekah.  He rubbed his leg softly.  “I suddenly get the feeling that I know why this guild is so small.”  Rose sighed softly.  “Hopefully our actual quest proves we’re better…”

The following day Ezekiel called together the small group that he wanted to take with him on the quest that he had yet to really tell any one of.  He stood quietly at the window over looking the quiet surroundings of the isle.  He wondered how well the new warriors were really going to do.  He turned around and saw Rebekah enter the room quietly, tripping slightly on the rug that laid in the entrance.  “Ezekiel… when are you going to explain the quest to everyone?”  Ezekiel turned and looked at Rebekah, why did Paragons wear so little?  “Ezekiel…”  Rebekah ordered softly.  Ezekiel gaze went back up to her face and he became slightly more attentive.  “You wonder why we don’t have more females in the guild… I wonder how we have the ones who are here…”

Ezekiel nodded softly, “Get them in here okay?” he said.  “The sooner we start then I suppose it would be the better.”  Rebekah nodded and called them into the room.  Ehud walked over to corner and leaned quietly, while Zenmai stood close by.  Rose walked right up to Ezekiel, more then ready to hear what exactly was to be said.  Beron came in with Rebekah behind him, shutting the door.  Ezekiel took a deep breath and turned to face them.  As Ezekiel  was about to speak a monk rushed into the room, slightly out of breath.  “Sometimes I really hate Tyria…” She said softly…  “But I think I may have found a clue for where we should start…”

Melody Sorrow trailed off.  She was the only Monk within the whole Guild, but out of all the monks that Ezekiel had known she was one of the best.  She was easily worth ten monks together…  but she had a certain problem.  Melody looked over at Rebekah and noticed a small sore spot right above Rebekah’s knee.   Rebekah looked down at him and then back at Melody and gulped slightly, Melody was a Healing Sociopath…  This wouldn’t end well.  “YOU’RE HURT!”  Melody shouted and rushed over to Rebekah…  Ehud looked up at the strange monk, he was about to ask what she was about to do when the area was filled with a sudden bright light.  “Blessed Light!”  Melody shouted.  When the bright light had dissipated Rebekah’s knee was cleared of any injury.  “All healed!”  Melody said with a smile.

“So…  Where do we start?” Ezekiel asked softly, fearing his guess might be right.
“The Temple of the Ages…”
“To the Underworld?” Beron said suddenly.  “Why would Nero have gone there…”
“He was a Necromancer…”  Rebekah noted.  “He was the most level headed of the original members…. There has to be a reason…”

Ezekiel looked over at the two assassins and Rose and took a deep breath, this would be a harder quest then he thought.   “None of you were present when Nero took his leave of the guild, leaving it in my care.  Nero Caden was man without peers, I firmly believe that, he truly was a hero, but something was slowly eating him away…  He promised to return in due time, but that over a year or so ago, and I wondered if he was still alive, but now I fear that he has become something worst.”
“So you want us to go into disaster and enter Grenth’s domain!” Ehud snapped.  “Nothing like being in the domain of one so dark.”

“Touchy aren’t we?” Rose asked.  “Don’t you like Grenth, as an assassin you’ve got ties to him.”
“I have no ties to any of the gods.”  Ehud closed his eyes and became quite quiet.  Everyone looked at him for a second, no ties to the gods?  Ezekiel coughed a little and began.  “We’ll have to go exploring there none the less…  We’ll place ourselves into two groups, Rose and Beron will accompany me, while Rebekah will head up the other group with Ehud and Zenmai.”
“Is splitting up into two separate groups wise?” Rebekah asked.  “We only have one monk amongst us?”
“It’ll be fine, You’ll take that role in your group and mine we’ll have Melody…  We aren’t trying to combat the various monsters of the deep… only find out more about Nero’s whereabouts.”

“Then its settled, we head to the Temple of the Ages.”  Beron Von Killalot said solemnly.  “I’ve been wanting to go there for quite some time now, now I can finally see spirits up closely….  Another step in finishing my research….”

The Temple of the Ages…

Ehud looked at the vast many statues that litter the temple around him and sighed softly.  He hated this long display of gods whom he thought were long dead.   Zenmai looked over at Ehud and said to him softly.  “Ehud…”
“Fine…  I’ll act all spiritual for the guild.”  Ezekiel walked past them paying the two assassins little heed he bent down before the statue of his patron goddess, Lyssa and prayed softly to it.  Rose bent down beside him an prayed softly.  She stood up and walked up to another one of the gods and prayed another prayer softly before moving onto another.

“One who hates the gods, while the other who loves them all.”  Melody noted before moving onto her patron goddess of Dwayna.  Beron Von Killalot walked over to the statue of Grenth and smiled softly.  “Oh my dark lord.”  He said in a deep voice.  “I offer until you finger.”  He placed it before the statue.  “I found it from the corpse of a princess.  Take my humble gift…”   Ehud looked over at the decayed finger and raised an eyebrow.  “Where did you get a Princess’s finger?”
“Her Grave.”  Beron answered
“Her Grave…?”
“Yeah I found her grave, dug it up and severed her finger… and brought it here.  Is it really so hard to understand!?”

Ehud backed away from the baron and decided to go find a souvenir shop and disappeared from the group.  Rose finished praying to the last god and took a deep breath.  Now to gather to go to the underworld.  Ezekiel looked at one of the Temple’s Priestesses and walked over to her.  “Hey there Priestess…” He said softly.  “I could show you a-”  The Priestess hefted out a large hammer and looked at him, her eyes darken.  “Don’t even think about it Mesmer.”
“Are you judging me before you know of me?  I’m sure the gods wouldn’t approve…”
“He won’t care…”   Ezekiel gulped slightly a Balthazar Priestess…   He then saw one of the Grenth’s Priestess and decided to go try her.

Rose walked over to Beron and asked him softly: “Are we going to go down soon?”
“Uneasy my dear?”  Beron asked the young dervish.
“A little, I worry about showing favoritism to a god, and I’m clearing showing one to Grenth…”
“But what a god to show approval of!”  Ezekiel walked up them nursing a red mark on his face slightly.  “Grenth Girl’s hit hard.”  He muttered.  “Where are the others?”
“Melody was chasing after some Necromancer who used blood magic.”  Rose answered.  “I think she likes curing a bit… much.”
“That male Sin…” Beron stated.  “Will cause us the wrath of the gods!”
“Leave him be…”  Zenmai said joining the group.  “He has his reasons…  it would seem the gods had no love for him.”

Ezekiel looked over at Ehud who was busy with a merchant.  “All right time to pay our platinum…”
“Ezekiel how much have you spent recently…?”  Beron asked.
“We’ll be broke soon…  I just know it…”

– Le Bel Inconnu

Guild Wars FanFiction Part One

This is an old fanfiction that I had worked on when my friends and I used to all play Guild Wars together, I had gotten four well fiveish parts written before college took over.  I decided to post this, to see if any of my friends remember it. ^.^ Plus I had enjoyed writing it…

Part One: Getting a Team Together…

Ezekiel looked across the grassy fields that stood before the place known as Shing Jea Monastery. He had traveled from Tyria just to reach this small place. Having to actually had taken two boats to reach here, but he was more then certain that it had been a good decision to visit the lands of Cantha. More specifically to come to the small Rural island of Shing Jea. He loosened his cape a little around his neck and started to walk closer to the Monastery. “A Tyrian Mesmer I see…” A hallow voice spoke softly from behind Ezekiel. Ezekiel turned around quickly, his weapon out… but there was no one behind him. He heard some laughter, and sighed softly. He extended his staff back hard and caught the man hard in the gut. “That kind of hurt.” The hallow voice said softly.

Ezekiel looked over at the masked man, and pondered for a second trying to figure out his profession. “It’s interesting to see that Cantha has its own professions… I’m Ezekiel of Chebar, a Mesmer and you are?”
“Ehud…” he coughed as he tried to get his breath back. “I’m an assassin, guess I should have known better then to mess with a Mesmer from Tyria.”
“If we were truly to battle one another I’m not sure I would have done so well… its almost like you step softer then the shadows.”

“I try… so what is a Tyrian doing on Shing Jea Island?”
“What a Mesmer does” Ezekiel said with a smile as he waved his right arm slightly, extended his fisted palm out with sparks appearing. “Entertain!”
“Cute… really…” Ehud answered sarcastically.
“I do try…” Ezekiel answered. “Now since you’re one of the first Canthans I’ve been able to talk to… could you lead me to Master Togo?”
“I could… but I rather not.”
“And why is that?”

“He’s over on the mainland and I have business here on this island.” Ezekiel sighed and looked over at the assassin. “You’re rather useless.”
“So I’m told.” with that Ehud disappeared as mysteriously as he had appeared. Ezekiel shook his head and pondered for a second on what to do. What a wasted trip he thought silently as he tried to think on what it was he should do next.

He pulled a small sigil out of his pocket and raised his hand over his head and uttered a quiet word and was suddenly gone.

The Luster Knights Guild, their home upon one of the many guild isle that Cantha allowed for trade of Celestial Sigil. Though the Luster Knights are a small guild they still had within their ranks some of the most famous heroes across Tyria. It was here that Ezekiel of Chebar appeared before its front gates, which were usually open. The island’s many structures had been crafted by Cathan monks long ago leaving the Guild Hall to have a Canthan monastery feel about it. In fact as he looked at it, he was soon reminded of Shing Jea Monastery. Beron Von Killalot walked up to Ezekiel and looked at him, who stared back into his cold dead eyes. Most Necromancers were creepy, but the Baron had yet to be topped. There were times that Ezekiel wondered if he took pleasure in it

“What is it Baron?” Ezekiel asked.
Beron responded: “I have a new member to be added to the guild.” Ezekiel nodded and continued to walk toward the main building of the hall. “How is he?” Ezekiel asked as they walked toward the building.
“She is quite fine if I do say so myself.” the Baron answered. “She is an Elonian, and a grand Dervish.”

Ezekiel stopped in his tracks and turned around and looked at the Necromancer. “You’ve been to Elona lately?” he asked. They had reached the bridge by this point and Ezekiel looked over at Beron awaiting his answer. “I am a baron… I find myself having to travel all the time, did you think I just made up the title?”
“Knowing you…” Ezekiel paused as if in thought, but then quickly answered. “Yes… yes I would had expected that from you.” With that they continued the walk up to the main building.

As they began to ascend the steps up to the door where Ezekiel was heading, he asked: “What is her name?”
“Rose… Rose of Nightfall.” Beron answered as they walked.
“Can’t wait to meet her then.” Ezekiel answered. They reached a silent man standing a few feet from the door, he was dressed in full armor and his face was emotionless. The Guild Lord. Ezekiel bowed to him slightly and then entered into the door behind, with the Baron close behind him. “Why are you telling me this anyways Beron.” Ezekiel asked as he navigated through the hallways. “You usually don’t inform me of new recruits.”

“I want her to be an officer in this Guild.” The Baron answered with his grave voice. “In fact I more then insist on it.” Ezekiel once more stopped in his tracks and looked at the Baron. “You’re insisting on it?”
“You and I both know who was Guild Leader originally.” The Baron’s cold eyes drilled into Ezekiel
“Yeah Nero was before you, he left, and my present leadership has to do with him and me, not you and I.” Ezekiel returned a fierce look unto the Baron. “I will meet her and then decide Beron.” With that Ezekiel took a step to the right and entered into the Guild’s Archives.

The Archives of the Guild were kept in order by two people Garett Elendos and Rebekah of Paddan; An Elementist and a Paragon respectively. Garett was from the continent of Tyria and had been with the Guild since the beginning. He used to be more active, but once the Guild Hall was bought he had turned toward working on the History of the Guild and other scholarly projects. Rebekah was quite the opposite from him. Instead of pale skin lacking evidence of sun, she was a beautiful tanned Elonian; Instead of geeky quarks she was instead quite graceful. About the only thing they had in common was their love for lore and tales. Rebekah worked well with Garett, if only for the present time. She looked up at Ezekiel as he entered into the room. “In need of something?” She asked.
“Yes… what do we have on Cantha? I’m finding out I know almost nothing of Cantha.” Ezekiel answered.

“I’m going to say not much, but I’ll see what Garett can dig up Ezekiel.”

Ehud of Benjamin stood upon the docks of Seitung Harbor overlooking the ocean. He felt a presence close to him and cocked his head to look over and saw Zenmai, the mo zing; the masterless assassin. “Silent and Deadly.” She said softly.
“What do you want Zenmai?”
“Some crazy Mesmer hired me out, asked if there were any other good heroes, I said I had one in mind and here we are together…”
“I dealt with an odd one a little while ago… Sure I’ll help, I’ve just finished my last mark anyhow…”

Zenmai smiled and jumped up, she waved for the Mesmer to come over. Ehud remained facing toward the sea. “The job will be quick.” Zenmai said softly. “Besides I think he’s slightly funny.”
“So Assassin Babe when are we going…” Ranged Ezekiel’s voice in Ehud’s ears. He turned around quickly and looked at the Mesmer standing beside Zenmai. “You did say slightly funny right?” Ehud asked.
“Slightly funny?” Ezekiel responded indignantly. “I’m one of the best Mesmers in all of Tyria!”
“The world or the continent… better yet just your own mind.”
“I resent that remark… Zenmai thinks I’m funny right babe?”

“Of course I do!” Zenmai answered. “I mean with those silly clothes and that mask! How can you not laugh.” Ehud smiled beneath his mask and gave a soft chuckle. “She’s got you there Mesmer.”
“One: my name is Ezekiel, two: if we are to work together then we need to do so well.” Ezekiel sighed, hopefully this wouldn’t be too hard. “I’ll explain everything at the guild hall.” He lifted the sigil up and Ehud looked at it with one eyebrow raised. “Oh joy he’s going to dazzle us with some “Mesmer” magic…”
“No Ehud.” Said Zenmai. “It’s a sigil… I’ve never seen one in action though…”
“I’ve always wondered how so small an object is able to transport people… its physically impossible.”
“So is half of the things on Tyria… can we go now?” Ezekiel answered. With that the group disappeared once more and to the Guild Hall they went.

They appeared before the Guild Hall and her open gates. “These gates are always opened to all.” Ezekiel said as they appeared. He moved forward without really looking and suddenly hit bars, and heard the two assassins laugh. “They looked closed at the moment to me.” Ehud said.
“I told you he’s funny.” Zenmai said with a giggle.
“In a pitiful sort of way.” Ehud looked up to see Beron Von Killalot walking passed the gate dragging a body behind him. “That’s really creepy…”
“No not really.” Ezekiel answered. “Hey Beron can you open the gate…” He nodded quietly muttering something about needing more bodies… many more bodies…

Ehud looked over at Zenmai who looked back… What had they gotten into. The baron turned still dragging the body by the leg and flicked open the switch which started the gate to open. “Rose is up the stairway to the right.” With that Beron continued on his way to make a zombie or something else creepy and necromancer akin. They passed by Beron, the assassins still a little creeped out by what they had just witnessed, and also that Ezekiel had just walked on by as if nothing had happened. They ascended the first stairs where the Guild Lord stood silently. “Tell me he is at least a little uneasy about that Necromancer’s behavior.” Ehud asked.
“Na nothing bothers him… except guild battles… we don’t do so good in them, the henchmen aren’t the best of warriors.”

They ascended the stairs to the right and reached the small floor that overlooks the right path and one of the many waterfalls. Ezekiel turned and looked at the young woman in bright red, Rose of Nightfall. “Well hey there good-looking, its always nice to have another babe to woo into lovin’ me.” Ezekiel said to her. Rose looked over at the Mesmer and then at the two assassins wondering if he was serious. “Like I would ever love a man who adores Peter Pan a bit too much.” She answered.
“Who wouldn’t.” Ezekiel answered. “Besides greens the new black.”
“I’ll just pretend you don’t exist… assassin woman is there any quest this guild is working on?”
“Her name is Zenmai.” Ehud spoke up.
“Was I asking that?”

“Does it look like I care?” Ehud answered. “Don’t make me gut you.”
“Like an assassin could tank.” Ehud’s dagger came out suddenly, while Rose stood still almost waiting for the ensuing battle. They stood there looking at each other intensely, when the Baron walked by and shouted over to Rose: “If possible make the kill clean dear.” he then disappeared into the hall, once more muttering the need of bodies. Then suddenly Rose launched forward, her scythe appearing almost out of no where. Ehud dodged to the side quickly, and swung his daggers to attack. Rose blocked the two blades with the single blade upon her scythe. “Longer reach.” she noted to him. “Besides as I said… Assassins are nothing compared to Dervishes.”
“I resent that remark!” Zenmai answered furiously, her daggers out and posed for attack.

Beron came out of the main structure and called once more out to Rose. “I’ve yet to get a female body, hers would be all right.” Zenmai looked over at Ehud who returned the gaze and then they looked at Ezekiel and Rose. “What is he doing?” they both asked.
“Necromancy… forming new skills… needs test subjects.” Rose answered. “I’m more then willing to help him.” She swung her scythe once more. Ezekiel bent down easily dodging while the two assassins found that they both had to block with their daggers. “She does have longer reach.” Ehud commented. He then disappeared; he shadowed stepped.

He appeared close to her face, and swiped his hand close to her eyes, a fine powder flew out from his hand and into her eyes. Rose backed away and uttered a curse as she tried to wipe the powder away. Ehud then returned close beside Zenmai and launched forward to attack. He launched himself into the series of combos that the assassins are well known for. Rose blocked what she could, but then took a deep cut from one of his daggers and stumbled back, her eyesight just coming back to her. Suddenly Rose’s body was covered by a light aura that blocked her presence. Ehud backed off, stopping right in front of Zenmai. Rose began to laugh, but it sounded plural at first. “Silly assassin you forget that Dervishes are more then mere humans, we are the avatars of the Gods!” The voice was no longer Rose’s but lighter, a voice that would had seemed at home upon a nymph. She was now in the form of Melandru.

“Well…” Ehud paused for a brief second trying to think of a remark to say. He merely ended up cursing and readied for the coming attack. Melandru-Rose appeared in front of Ehud, picked him up effortlessly and threw him to her left. Ehud flew over and hit the Guild Lord and slid to the ground looking up at him, he remained silent, almost as if nothing had happened. “Can’t you help!?”
“Select a service from my list-”
“I think I might kill you after I kill the goddess up there!” Ehud launched himself up and went to rush forward changing into his shadow form. Shadow Arts at their peak.

Ezekiel was descending the stairs as Ehud was racing up them. “When you two are done, I’m in the Guild Archives, remember if you spill any blood you clean it up.” He shouted.

– Le Bel Inconnu

WIP Story Fun ^.^

I’ve been given the task of writing a blog in the computer class I’ve been forced to take. In so doing I kept trying to formulate differing thoughts, all of which came out as mush. I had planned on doing some Tobit stuff, but I’m currently awaiting a book to come in the library, before I continue a part of my study there. Therefore as I noticed that it was Wednesday once more I figured I had to really quick write up a blog to do. This and I’ve been meaning to some major blogging, which school has gotten in the way of… U.U

In so doing I’ve decided to post pieces of story that I’m working on. You know having fun with my hobbies, therefore what’s follows in part is a Work in Progress, and all that cool stuff. Before I spit out some of my writings I do want to note several things as I do.

One of my favorite movie categories are those Pseudo-Religious films that Hollywood tries to make. Where it’s usually some Catholic priest or prophecy thing. Movies like “Sin Eater” (or otherwise known as “The Order”) I think it’s kind of fun to see how off based they are. Or with something like “Constantine” I like seeing their crazy angelogy. Mostly because that’s probably one of my preferred parts of theology. (Which is evidence below with my wonderful Angel of YHWH fun). The other thing I’ve been enjoying lately is trying to put myself in certain stories. In the following story I’m trying to emulate myself as the main character Indy (whose basically become me in my various writings) but how would I react to certain situations, some normal, some bizarre and would probably never happen.

The final little tidbit I want to make note of, is that I kind of like to put Christians in fun little situation, that of course won’t ever happen, because well its purely made up stuff, I like made up stuff. ^.^ Anyways so here are some snippets of fun.

“Indiana Kingsman stood in the quiet sanctuary of an old, old church. Standing before him was Glenn Witchunter who happened to be one of the Vatican’s most prominent agents. The young chaplain had just been given a large packet of files that he was slowly flipping through. Glenn remained quiet as Indy looked at the pages. What he looked at seemed farfetched to Indy, even a little too farfetched for Glenn to be looking at. One of Glenn’s major jobs was seeking out the far fetch and disproving it, this one was far different from most of the others Witchunter had had Indy look at. “Are you starting to believe this?” Indy asked still flipping through pages. The research was good, filled with interviews, pictures, news articles, even ancient tomes… They gave way to evidence far too bizarre, not to mention the set bones that Glenn had uncovered.

“Everything bears the weight for it, not against it.” Witchunter sighed. “At the very least I need more help.” Indy closed the packet and looked up at Glenn a frown appearing on his face. More help, what for? “I…” Indy frowned. “What do you need more for?”
“I need you to check in on some remaining facets… some translations perhaps of the Dead Seas Scrolls?”
“The scrolls?” Indy frowned. “How would they offer anything things?” Glenn didn’t say anything for a little while as he mulled over some unknown decision. Finally he pulled out a flash drive and took a deep breath. What was going on here?”

Woo kind of the basic beginning so far. As I said I quite enjoy movies with Pseudo Catholic stuff , except that I’m protestant and shouldn’t we have some fun too? Hence enter in Indy to do the major fun stuff, although since I am going for those fun Catholic movie types feel I’m in need of Glenn and hidden DDS stuff with fun conspiracies. (Since hidden Catholic knowledge is always a part of the deal). Since part of the fun of those movies is that there is some piece of ancient works that we don’t know about and sets the stage for doom and gloom. Moreover since Indy is me, I have to make him into original language stuff (specifically Hebrew fun).

““Do not bother.” A strange voice said. Indy jumped; he slowly turned around to see a shadowy form of some strange figure. Again he jumped; the shiver in his spin ran another course. All that and his heart was now pumping hard. “She does not need to wake up… though what little time do you two have together?”
“W-who a-re you.” Indy stammered.
“One of the Seven, You have something you need not have.” Indy stood stiff as he looked at the shade. Somehow he knew the thing wanted him not to have the scrolls he had been given. His heart was still racing and if he wasn’t stiff he knew he’d be shaking. Yet words finally managed to come to his lips. “W-What are you?”

“An angel… or perhaps a demon.” The shadow floated quietly before Indy. “Both or neither… does it matter young Indiana?” The being moved closer to Indiana, but he moved away from the being, his hand went toward the rosary that he kept on his desk. A gift from another life, he held it tightly, not really sure why, or how it could help. Only that he felt a need to have something remotely close to God to hang onto. “Leave this place.” he ordered, hands trembling.”

Fun with demons (kinda) enters in here. Since I mean c’mon when having fun with demonology this has to be a part of it. Demons I figured are supposed to be scary things, I think we make too lightly of them in our society, but if we met one I think it is a time we would be trembling. (Not that I think ones meets a demon in this way usually). By the way the She found here is a reference to the Indy’s characters wife. Rosary (another ambiguous catholic reference for that whole fun genre thing), oh and the Angel or demon bit is an undecided factor of mine, either a lying demon (which c’mon I assume happens a lot) or I’m going to make up junk with demonology and the Nephilim (because I’m totally writing fiction here).

Grace me with thy power,
Let not the demons lay siege
nor dominions buffet upon thine own.

Indy looked up weakly grasping for air, when he saw a man by the window holding a gun. Blackness was starting to over take him. The Bullet clicked in; words said… what were the words? Darkness threatened at the corners of his mind, pain swelled over him. “Overflowing Grace!” The words echoed in the room followed by gun fire. Indy fell to the ground gasping for precious air. The creature groaning in death pains. “Return from whence you came.” The man spoke to the demon and fired again. “Through the Christ’s power I send you back!” Another bullet into the demon.
“Others will come after me…” The creature hissed. “Too important for our apocalypse…” It hissed once more before disappearing into nothingness.”

Okay so this last little bit I get from anime, which always have awesome ways of exorcisms, (which American movies do too at times). Specifically I was influenced to have a set of characters like this because of an anime series called Chrono Crusade. Once again just some fiction fun, plus it was fun to work on poetic exorcism type stuff. I hoping as I go through the story I can have a variety of different highly stylized ways of exorcising demons. Just to you know have and see how creative I can be. Plus I plan on having several scenes to explore the effect that demons I would might have. I mean if Angels scared people in the Bible, how more would menacing demons?

That’s just some basic jumping around of the manuscript (? I think that fits) of the story that I have currently, at the moment the work in progress name is Seven of Sevens. I dunno comment on what you think or whatever. Suggestions are also always welcome, or fun little ideas to plunge into the story.

– Le Bel Inconnu

Chrisitan Super Heroes

Out of the things I like one of the most prominent is my love for Super Heroes and their genre of literature so to speak. Even though I’m in college I still read comics, although I must admit I prefer novelization of heroes over comics these days. Mostly because of a novel takes a bit longer for me to get through and its less noticed then a comic book. But comics have had a big impact on my life so to speak. I have enjoyed the characters of Spider-Man and Batman all my life. Thankfully back in my youth was when the great Bruce Timm version of Batman came out and Fox’s Spider-man. They were the shows for me to watch. All the more because in my hometown we didn’t have a comic book shop so longing to read more of the stories of my favorite heroes became limited.

But as I have grown up, and I have full access to the internet, to sites like Wikipedia, Marvel and DC comics homepage, not to forget a site called Comicvine I’ve become able to get back history and more fully immerse myself in my beloved genre. But in all my searching I have become sadly disappointed with the lack of super heroes who show faith. I mean sure in comics such as Marvel with Aliens, time traveling, multiple dimensions nailing down something like YHWH God is responsible for all of that, and Jesus saves all. Still I have to wonder where are the Christians making their own published works of Comics? It would be nice if they could be mainstream, but surely we could have a big third party company like Image or Darkhorse, who may not be as big as Marvel or DC, but have a sizable fanbase.

A place where we have comics that tells stories from a Christian perspective. Or try to make a graphic novel that though it spews out Christian is as compelling a story as V for Vendetta or Sandman. Something that doesn’t borrow Christian thought, but is Christian thought. Its nice to start seeing manga adaptation of the bible, but honestly while I like manga I’ve always been a fan of the way American comic books are set up, the artwork in them are no better or less better than that of those from Japan. But must every time we decide that we must work on something for God be an adaptation of the bible in another art form or just another parable. What about a Christian living out his life in world filled with some many confusing things?

Is that so wrong to really want? To have a world where super heroes start popping up and ponder the implication just that would have on religion? I mean honestly how would Christianity be affected if someone like Spider-Man or Super Man started to saves lives all over the world? How would Islam react or Hinduism for that matter? What about the struggles of that person with powers? What if he were Christian would his faith be shaken from him? How would he handle being a mask vigilante, would he feel that was right? Or would he try and find the best thing to a government sanction team of super beings? What about secret identities and lying? Wouldn’t something like that be just as entertaining as the many ways in which Spider-Man struggle with his secret identity issues? Or Bruce Wayne’s unique double life? Interacting with non Christian heroes? Would they partner with them easily or rather avoid them. How would someone as a Christian really like working with Batman, Wolverine, or the Punisher? Would they prefer Super Man?

It’s not that I’m condemning Christian for not doing this, enough Christian condemn others Christian and yet how much do they really do in helping furthering getting ourselves in the media? I mean even known about some, if so please show me.

Of the Christian Super Heroes I have seen the most prominent one would be of course Bible Man. And nothing against Bible Man, he does do a good job with his ministry I’m sure. But the thing with that is childish, which is great for children. I don’t see him working out into a bigger community because it’s not so much that’s he a super hero who fights random villains. But he is a Christian fighting various villains who represent various sins and issues Christians have to deal with. Before I sat down to write this I did do a brief search in Google to see if I could find any Christian super heroes. I found one company, called the “Christian Knight Company” which features a man named Armor Bearer (so its sounds parabolic yet again). There does seem to be a novel and four comics on the site which at some point I may have to pick up.

But once again they all seem to be heroes given gifts from God, to do his will. And these might be good. But still it’s not quite the super heroes I’m looking for. Give me a Christian who after some freak accident got his powers and now he doesn’t know what to do with them. God isn’t leading him any better then he would lead us. We see movies like Iron Man and Batman which come out and try and give realism to its Characters and their stories. But would any non Christian really want to watch (or read) a story about a guy whose powers come directly from the Christian God? I guess I just feel that someone would prefer a story about say a genius like Tony Stark who makes a suit of highly advance armor and decides he wants to help the world. Or someone like Batman who trains to avenge his parents and maybe in the end finds out vengeance doesn’t make him feel any better, that only Jesus can do that and thus is converted.

Would that really be too worldly to have heroes like that? Or must we instead have heroes who have to get their powers from God and must fight villains who are purely evil, and somehow connected to Satan? What about a Magneto type character that isn’t necessarily evil, but trying to fight for rights he thinks super being are being denied. Making a reader decide who is in the right. Something not clear cut. Give me something like that and give the world something like that. Give them a hero that they want to emulate, someone cool, that doesn’t make Christianity dorky. Someone who shows being a Christian you can still be cool.

I have been told before that there are Christians who work in the comic book industry, that the industry is remarkable religious. Okay I won’t deny that, but where is the proof? Do they really think it’s okay to just smarter some Christianity here or there and be done with it in the stories they write? I do understand you can’t change a character too much. But why not write new characters or new stories that benefit God and help to further the mandate that Christ gave in the Bible? Why can’t story about Christians be serious? Not corny? Why does it seem everyone who maybe Christian doesn’t want to write Christian things? It’s a bit annoying.

Well that was quite the rant… *Ahem*

In my constant boredom I try my hand at this writing fiction, I’m not sure how good at it I really am, but I do try. And I seem to be constantly shaping my own universe of Super Heroes, which I’m sure you can figure out from my spewing above tries to emulate that slightly. For the most part I don’t try to make all my characters Christian, (although the main ones are). Those that are, aren’t all the same denomination, the main (used loosely) character of the universe, Vamp, is a nondenominational, Eo’s Roman Catholic, the one named Psychic Blur is Baptist, as I suppose so is Sparrow. In my constant wanting to add more character I’ve added a friend’s character that believes in God but other than that who cares; (these are just a few of the heroes). I have various religions react in different ways. I mean honestly is a group of humans with powers popped up what would the average Christian do? Would the pope rule something in such a way?

As the stories are semi based on things that happen in the world, but also twisted in places. I do have one pope who rules the mutant community as demons and monsters, but his successor rules against that, he claims mutants to be just as human as any non-powered individual. There are riots that are started because religious view on them, but also some just simply because of bigotry. The Character have to react in a world which has the events our real life but also now the events of mutants and other super powered peoples. It is here, where I place my character of Indiana into the mix. Indy is just normal person, a graduate of some unnamed education. But he’s been hired into an organization which deals with these super hero beings. Now he has to deal with his issues of faith as he deals with the worst and the best of souls and now he has to deal with faiths of all sorts.

Indy as a Christian has to deal with issues that we face in different ways, and issues that of course we wouldn’t ever face. But the question is how (for me) would a Christian deal with such issues? How should we deal with issues like genetic manipulation? Cloning (in a universe where it’s happen once or twice). What about something like time travel, dimension hoping, aliens? (Some of these which I struggle about adding into my universe). In his job as chaplain of this ministry he has to deal with relations which mutants and the rest of the world, does he agree with the mutants or the majority. Does he oppose the government would they be right? I try to make him react in these situations as I react, but the question then is would I really react like that?

Of course this all mere conjecture based on events I have made, situations I have created. I hope that someday I might be able to get some of this stuff I dunno maybe published, and in a small way show how Christian Super heroes might be done, in a way I think that would be pleasing to God and would be something that a non-Christian would actually like to read and maybe be influenced toward the side of Christ. Of course I would hope Christians would like it too.

– Le Bel Inconnu

Short Story Part Duex

Here’s the second part of that whole one I did with Sieghart and Lorelei earlier Its not as confusing I think, but who knows I could be quite wrong… But anywho here you go.  O_O  Oh the formatting screwed up a bit so I totally have no italicized words that i kind of liked to do in my short story thingys…

Across the Chasm

They finally came to a stop a little ways away from a small river. The sounds of birds chirping as well as the flowing water eased Sieghart’s mind softly. Lorelei turned around and looked at Sieghart. Despite it being as emotionless as her voice, Sieghart could tell that in some way she was displeased. “You must keep up.” said the young woman. “I won’t hesitate to leave you behind if you hinder me.”
“Then why bother to even wake me?” Sieghart asked.
“You were in the process of it already when I passed you by.”

That had been an answer quiet and pointed. “I noted that you were a physical soldier type and felt that you might be of some use.”
“Oh…” Sieghart shifted his sheathed sword slightly. “Well I guess we had better get going.” With that they continued on in silence. Sieghart wasn’t sure about finding their creator, finding Freyr… But Lorelei seemed so sure of this task and so sure that she was going in the right direction. He was certain of her feelings on some level, despite her letting none show. Was he assuming too much? He dare not ask her anything and so they continued on in silence

They traveled along the river, which soon began to grow bigger. Soon the river had carved far down into the land and had become a canyon. No river could be seen anymore, but they continued heading toward where Lorelei had mentioned quickly. They soon came upon a rickety bridge stood. But like everything else that happen in these few hours the task was not to go unhindered. As they near the bridge they began to hear orders shouted in the distances. The enemy had arrived yet again, but in what direction? Lorelei looked toward the bridge and said softly. “We must cross this bridge, but the way they are coming will block us.”

“How do you know that?” Sieghart was quite amaze. “I can’t even begin to tell.”
“It’s due to the abilities that Creator Freyr had given me.” Sieghart pulled his sword out yet again and then faced the bridge. It happened to be right as a small squad of men beginning to come into view. “Those two are Freyr’s abominations, kill them!” The Commander ordered. Or at least Sieghart assumed it was the commander, due to his more elegant armor then the others.
“Sir?” asked a subordinate. “They’re freshly adults, they’re only kids!”
“These kids are not of Illatar, kill them.” The Commander’s words were firm. “The Federation ruled that Freyr and his creations are to be ended.”

“What’s this federation?” Sieghart asked Lorelei.
“It’s an organization that hopes to keep this land and others together… It’s much like Rune’s High Kingdom, but Rune opposes the federation, as does the Creator.”
“The High Kingdom…” Sieghart had little time to ponder of it though for the enemy was readying their attack. Whatever it was that fueled him, Sieghart just didn’t understand it. When the feeling of battle hit him, to put it simply he changed. Senses became more receptive, reflexes quicker, speed, and even strength all of it better. The sword which he held was no longer awkward and heavy. Instead in his hands it felt like an extension of himself that flowed easy and lightly.

As he rushed forward his speed was too slow, despite everything blurring around him. As he came near his various foes, his sword would meet some part of them. Only if they were lucky did the sword taste another of its kind. It was in these instances that suddenly the battle slowed up. But only for a second as swords would cross quickly and his foe would have fallen. Within seconds of Sieghart’s attack, two men lay dead, one permanently crippled, and another one handed. Sieghart eyes scanned the others that were left of the squad.

But Lorelei had begun here own attack, and for the first time a smile appeared on her face. A strange smile, but a smile nonetheless. From the center of cupped a ball of energy appeared. But it had soon evolved into a beam that hit the next set of would be attackers. A dozen were engulf in its intense power. When the beam had disappeared there were no men, not even bodies. Only ash remained as it floated into the air peacefully. She truly was a wizard, one without peers.

Her fingertips glowed bright blue. Everyone, even Sieghart paused and looked at her. This was inhuman; no one had that kind of power without a staff. Silence filled the air, save for her sparking fingertips. Of the men that were left of the squad they looked at the two and trembled. “What has he created?” The Commander asked dumbfounded. “Fight and die…” Sieghart said. “Run and live.” Even as the words left his moth he questioned what he was saying. Was he really this cruel, and ruthless? Lorelei was emotionless and thus cold, he did not want that.

“Remember they are our enemies.” Lorelei suddenly said.
“Men!” barked the Commander. “We must hold firm, there’s only two of them!” Sieghart and Lorelei had gotten up to halfway on the bridge so far. But what remained of the squad started to close in again. But more went wrong as they heard voices coming from another direction. As they turned around slowly they found that another squad of soldiers had appeared. “Sieghart my powers are limited…” Lorelei said softly. “I cannot defeat them all.”

“Nor can I…” Sieghart answered. “We’re far too few…”
“Push forward, I’ll deal with the ones in the back.” With that Lorelei closed her eyes and began to concentrate. No one and the two fronts moved for a few tense seconds. Sieghart took a deep breath and as he let it out someone shouted. “Attack!” and with that it happened all at once.

Sieghart attacked and killed the first few that attempted him. While Lorelei raised her right arm and brought down quickly. Sharp magical power came down and attacked the assailants on the other side. But the spell never hit them. Sieghart cocked his heat to see some sort of translucent barrier covering their foes. They too had some sort of wizard on their side. The opposing sides saw an opportunity and took it. They began to surge forward to finish this in one strike.

Things were beginning to look grim again… “Sieghart…” Lorelei said quietly. “Hold me…”
“What!?” he answered.
“I’m going to use up my energy by knocking this bridge out. In the confusion you should be able to scramble to the other side. Just remember you have superior speed and reflexes.” Lorelei explained.
“So you need me to transport you?”

With her last reserves Lorelei hands lifted up. She quickly shot two balls of energy. They swept passed the enemy bringing up dust and splinted pieces of wood. The enemy brought their arms up to block their faces, but the balls had passed. They crisscrossed at one point and did a loop in the air. Two poles on each side held up the bridge, they were hit on the one. Pieces of wood shattered into air, it would have been just as good as if there had never been any.

At the moment of impact Sieghart had grabbed a hold of Lorelei and had begun to run toward their wanted destination. The bridge wobbled and then creaked… But it gave way quickly. The various enemy soldiers began to slide off the bridge, and to their doom. Some tired to hold on, but they too failed. Sieghart had cleared most of the bridge in only a few seconds. But it was not enough. With a deep breath he leaped into the air. By sheer luck he grabbed a hold of the edge of the cliff, his fingers white with pressure.

The enemy found themselves dazed for a few seconds. So many men had just lost their lives. These two kids had just crippled two squads, just two kids. Sieghart struggled to keep hold with his hand. With his other arm he clutched Lorelei tightly. “Archers fire!” some officer shouted. “They must not escape here alive!” Of all the men to stay behind… it had been the archers. A volley filled the air, but there was little Sieghart could do. Arrows plunged into his back, but he spared Lorelei.

He gasped with pain but held firm. “Sieghart!” Lorelei shouted. Was that concern?
“I’m… I’m fine…” He struggled. “Run fast…” Then with his last ounce of strength he threw Lorelei over the edge. However, he lost his grip and fell. Lorelei rushed into the forest before the enemy gaze found her. They instead focused on Sieghart.

Lorelei stood silently behind a tree. She held her breath, lest she make a noise. “The girl went into the woods…” the officer said. “Send word for a new squad to fetch her. I’ll report to the General that the male has been killed.” At the sound of feet moving away, Lorelei took a needed breath of air. She walked over to the edge after she had made sure the men were away.

She peered over the edge of the cliff in hopes of seeing Sieghart. But the chasm was too far down for here to see anything. But her orders were to reach the masters, no matter the cost. If emotions were tempted to appear, there was no sign. She turned around to see a young woman petting the beak of a great hawk. Sieghart was on its back.