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Kassia – I HATE


Having read a little of Kassia, that fun 9th century Byzantine Saint, I’ve decided that I’d post one of her fun Gnomic Verses, this was translated by Antonía Tripolitis in Kassia: the legend, the woman, and her work.

I HATE a murderer condemning the hot-tempered.
I HATE the adulterer when he judges the fornicator.
I HATE the leper who drives out the leprous.
I HATE the fool supposing to be a philosopher.
I HATE a judge who takes orders from individuals.
I HATE a rich man complaining as a poor man.
I HATE the poor man boasting as in wealth.
I HATE a debtor who sleeps unconcernedly.
I HATE a stunted individual who is contemptuous of height.
I HATE the tall man if he happens to be enormous.
I HATE the liar affecting a solemn air with words.
I HATE the drunk drinking and thirsting.
I HATE the gluttonous one was he lacks courage
I HATE an old man who plays with youths.
I HATE a lazy person and more so the somnolent one.
I HATE the shameless individual in candid speech.
I HATE the verbose in an unsuitable time.
I HATE the one who conforms to all ways.
I HATE the one who does everything for the sake of vain glory.
I HATE the one who does not encourage everyone with words.
I HATE one who speaks before examining.
I HATE the one who teaches knowing nothing.
I HATE a quarrelsome one: for he does not respect the holy.
I HATE the miser and especially one who is wealthy.
I HATE the ungrateful one like Judas.
I HATE one who rashly slanders friends.


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