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English Translations of the Targums


This List of Targums is based upon a list given here, these are older works (No later than 1930), but they are easily accessible.

Targum of Canticles

Exposition of the Book of Solomon’s Song by J. Gill (2nd Edition 1751) contained a translation of the Targum, which I’ve been unable to locate.

A newer translation (still old) of the 1st chapter is found in C.D. Ginsburg commentary on Song of Songs (1857) on pages 29-33

Found here

A translation may also be found in the series Translations from Hebrew and Aramaic  with the volume by H. Gollancz (1908) on pages 15-90

Found here

Also located here (with other Jewish works).

Second Targum on Esther / Targum Sheni of Esther

This is found in the English translation of P.S. Cassel’s commentary An Explanatory Commentary on Esther tr. A. Bernstein (1888) found on pages 263-344.

Found Here

Targum of Qoheleth

Found in Coheleth, Commonly called the Book of Ecclesiastes in 1861, by C.D. Ginsburg on pages 502-519

Found here

Targum Onkelos and Jonathan on the Pentateuch

J.W. Etheridge The Targum of Onkelos and Jonathan Ben Uzziel on the Pentateuch with the Fragments of the Jerusalem Targum (2 Volumes 1862-1865)

Volume 1 Here

Volume 2 Here

Targum of Isaiah

Found in The Chaldee Paraphrase of the Prophet Isaiah by C.W.H. Pauli in 1871

Found here

Targum of Ruth

A translation of the Targum of Ruth may be found in Studia orientalia volume 2  (1928) by A Saarisalo on pages 88-104

Located Here

Older Translations that I’m unable to find

I have been unable to locate these works, which should be public domain by now. If anyone can point me to them, it would be appreciated.

Targum on Song of Songs

As noted above a Targum of Canticles is found in the work Exposition of the Book of Solomon’s Song by J. Gill (2nd Edition 1751) Unfortunately I cannot find an early enough edition on the internet, Gill’s later editions of this commentary took it out.

Later edition can be Found Here, it still references the Targums a lot.

Targums of Ruth and Jonah

From O.T. Crane (1886) in The Targums on the Books of Ruth and Jonah: Literally translated from the Chaldee.

Targum on Lamentations

In 1893 by A.W. Greenup, The Targum on the Book of Lamentations

Other Resources

The following are online translations that I have found. http://targum.info/ has been particularly helpful. If there are any other online English translations, please leave a comment

Targum Psalms

a new translation by Edward M. Cook, 2001

Originally Found Here

Now Located on Web Archive

Targum Obadiah

A Translation by Thomas Lenihan, 2015

Located Here

Targumim of the Megillot

Song of Songs

A Translation by Jay C. Treat, 2004

Located Here


A translation by Samson H. Levey, 1998

Found Here

And a Translation by C.M.M. Brady, 2016

Found Here


Translation by C.M.M. Brady, 2008

Found Here


Sefaria also seems to have some Targums translated

Original Languages

Here’s a quick list of online resources for the Targums in their original language, I’m sure there’s more, but didn’t bother to look

A Few different Targums

Targum Jonathan on Joshua and Judges

Targum Onqelos (According to Yemenite Manuscripts)

This List was last updated 3/15/2018, with some additions and fixed links. If there are any broken links, please leave a comment. 


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